Until the End 

Until the End by Evan L. Grove is the conclusion to The Awakener duology; the imaginative and rich world built in this series is going through a terrible war. The nation of Odelia is facing big trouble, and few might be able to stop the darkness that’s growing in the land.

Emily Lee has found herself in the hands of Lord Gaudeman: as they are now one being, she has to endure and see her body being used to cause the most horrendous terror to innocent civilians. Now Gaudeman, alongside his supporters, is marching towards the capital. Their hope is to awaken and unleash the wrath of the Elierean goddess Mari. Releasing Mari will avenge the subjugation that the Eliere have endured for many years. Just as this is taking place, Lehksi Olent has seen herself as one of the few capable of stopping this madness, joining forces with Marcus Sugaar in a quest to undermine Gaudeman’s plans.

It doesn’t matter what steps the characters choose to take; the world they’ve known for so long will inevitably have to change. This second part of the story is definitely a darker one. The characters readers met and loved in the first book are all going through their own challenging paths. War is going on, and it’s hard to imagine a happy ending could materialize.

The entire story is brilliant and engaging; it was hard to put the book down. Darkness, magic, and tension are all well balanced in one single story. This is possibly one of the reasons why the style of narration is the biggest highlight of this book: the writing keeps the reader intrigued all the time, wanting to find out more about the plot and the story. Each chapter brings something new and fantastical to the table, covering various characters, stories and perspectives. The history of the world becomes richer as readers get to see elements of its past, which include gods, vengeful goddesses, and magic. It is simply a complex fantasy world with a captivating storyline.

With time, everything starts to connect, and the multiple characters and stories readers are introduced to finally intertwine, creating this big and enthralling plot with many twists and turns. Getting to the end of the book leaves a bittersweet feeling since it is worth seeing more of the magical world that we’ve come to meet in this duology, with its characters and beautiful stories filled with magic.

Until the End is the sort of book that every fantasy aficionado should put on their reading list, it is a fantastic and thrilling ending to a dark fantasy story that will fill the hearts of readers with absolute wonder.

Pages: 537 | ASIN : B09SVLC6M2

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