Solita and the Purple Moon

Solita is a young girl that misses her mom. But unfortunately, her mom is in the military and is deployed and she does not know when her mom will return. So, she imagines the Purple Moon that will come to her room every night to comfort her. This moon becomes her source of refuge and a companion for the lonely nights as she misses her mom. The moon sits by her window night after night offering comfort and, one night, a trip across the land to see mountains, rivers, and lakes. The Purple Moon is her best friend waiting by her side until Solita’s mom returns.

Solita and the Purple Moon: Solita Y La Luna Morada, written by Miriam Isabel Elliott, is a beautiful picture book written in English and Spanish. This heartwarming story about a little girl missing her mom is one that many children will be able to relate to. Even for children not in a military family, a parent who travels is common, and this story can bring them comfort.

The whimsical rhymes sound like a small child calling out, and the Moon is a loving caregiver assuring them that they are not alone. The tone is soothing and peaceful, perfect for a bedtime story. The book is written both in Spanish and in English. This is an ideal way of introducing a new language to children. Having the story be the same in both languages on the same page will help them understand the new words.

This creative children’s book is illustrated by Carlos E. Elliott. His pencil drawings are innovative and unique. Done mostly in grayscale, the Purple Moon stands out as well as Solita’s hair. The art style focuses on the two main characters, allowing them to shine against the things that caused Solita’s loneliness. I genuinely enjoy black and white artwork, and I think the pop of color will appeal to children, especially when you are trying to settle them down for bed. The gray tones are soothing instead of invigorating.

Solita and the Purple Moon: Solita Y La Luna Morada is a heartfelt children’s book that will appeal to children that are missing their parents, or having fears of being alone at night. This well-written book will expose children to different languages as well, making it an excellent way to introduce them to being bilingual.

Pages: 26 | ASIN : B099DXZV88

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