I Always Imagined Myself a Writer

Author Interview
Anthony Toomer Author Interview

A Poetic Spanking is a collection of free verse poetry that explores faith, love, and societal issues while encouraging believers to build a relationship with God. What inspires you to write poetry?

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s put me in touch with Motown and a lot of jazz. I also come from a family that enjoyed music and singing. I always imagined myself as a song writer. In school,. I found that I also loved to do book reports. So, I also imagined myself as a novel book writer too. I was not good at either. Poetry, in my opinion, gave me the best of both worlds.

What are some literary devices you find yourself often using?

I use the King James Bible to help me with the accuracy of biblical facts. the rest is stuff in my head and current events.

My favorite poem from this collection is ‘Life as We Know It’. Do you have a poem that stands out to you from this collection?

I like, Why Hate and Free Willie. They both touch on the ills of society that seem never-ending. To tell you the truth, it’s hard to pick a favorite because I love them all.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My next project is ongoing. It will concentrate on politics and the antics of #45, plus God again to lead the book off. I like for a title, God & Country.

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Jesus came to show us the way,

How we should live from day to day.

The scriptures said there would be a Messiah,

And saving souls would be his desire.

Anthony Toomer enjoys telling true stories while using poetry as the narrative. In his first volume of poems divided into three parts, he interweaves personal experiences and current events with introspective observations that lead others on a journey through his path through life as an African American man.

Toomer begins with reflections inspired by biblical wisdom and his Christian faith that explore the power of prayer, the never-ending battle between good and evil, and God’s ability to pull us out of the darkness and into the light. In the remaining two sections, Toomer reflects on love, the sanctity of marriage, and the need for justice in the Black community as ignorance continues to plague humanity, even in today’s modern world.

A Poetic Spanking is a volume of free verse that explores faith, love, and societal woes while encouraging believers to build a lasting relationship with God.

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