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His Humanity And His Divinity

Author Interview
Lawrence Keller Author Interview

Guided Ignatian Contemplation provides readers with meditations on the gospels to help them come closer to Jesus. Why was this an important book for you to write?

It was important for me to write the book because I find that Ignatian Contemplation assists me with prayer and getting closer to Jesus. The stories of Jesus’s life are well known, we have heard them so many times, and for this reason, certain things may be taken for granted or pass unnoticed. Saint Ignatius of Loyola asks us to stop and enter into the stories imagining them vividly as if we were watching a movie, and we may find hidden treasures and blessings by doing this. I wanted to bring the stories to life, limiting my imagination as much as possible to Bible’s truths and Jesus’s teachings. At the same time, I wanted to make the participants real, people we can relate to so we may see ourselves in them or someone we may know. I wanted to bring the stories down to earth and at the same time elevate the readers to new heights by entering into them and meditating on them. I also wanted to emphasize Jesus’s character, holiness, and power so that we could experience both His humanity and His divinity.

You share 14 stories from the gospels in this book. Which of these stories stands out to you personally?

The story that touches me most is Jesus’s anointing before His death. In this story, we can see Jesus’s humanity and divinity in a highly moving way. We can also experience our fragility as human beings, which is yet embraced by His boundless love.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

For me it was very important to show Jesus’s constant humility and His Father coming in without delay to exalt Him. As Jesus mentioned God was always with Him. Jesus is humbling Himself and making Himself dependent on God throughout. Another theme is Jesus’s humanity and divinity at the same time, and that He would not use His power to ease His human trials. A third theme would be His compassion, the way He would work to exhaustion, be moved, change His plans and treat with gentleness those with frailties due to His empathy, caring love, and compassion.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

I would like them to come closer to the knowledge of Jesus by meditating on the stories and making themselves active participants, leading them into a conversation and deeper relationship with Jesus.

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The purpose of this book is to guide you on the Ignatian contemplation form of prayer by bringing to life some of the stories in Jesus’s life. Fourteen stories from the gospels have been selected to meditate on and are presented in chronological order. Also, Bible verses from Old and New Testament books have been included that may relate to the stories and thus enrich the text with the written word of God.
After contemplating the gospels, Saint Ignatius suggests that we have a conversation with Jesus based on what we have experienced—the thoughts and emotions the stories may have stirred in us, called “colloquy.” You can do so after reading or listening each story. Also, you can pause at any time for personal reflection.

7 Life-Giving Words to Live Your Best Life – Book Trailer

7 Life-Giving Words to Live Your Best Life is a blueprint to help you live what you deserve: your BEST LIFE. As a licensed psychotherapist, author Frantz Lamour witnesses firsthand the effort it takes to rise above everything that tries to keep us down. We want to live our best life, but sometimes we don’t know how. Just when we’re about to give up, we discover hope and guidance in God’s life-giving words. Through seven practical lessons and relevant scriptures on words of love, forgiveness, healing, salvation, authority, peace, and grace, 7 Life-Giving Words to Live Your Best Life will breathe new resilience and energy into your daily walk and help you master the art of living your best life one day at a time.

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The Broken Promise of a Promised Land

The Broken Promise of a Promised Land by [William Hanna]

The Broken Promise of a Promised Land is an informative book that will teach you about the history of the world, religion, politics, wars, iconic individuals in history and how events in the world shape humanity. I enjoy William Hanna’s writing because the author gets to the root of the subject before expounding on the topic being discussed. This book is great material if you want to understand religion on a deeper level, Zionism, Christianity and why believers trust the deities they worship.

I love what the author did in the first chapter. William Hanna started the book by talking about the origin of the universe, planet earth and life. This chapter is crucial for any reader that is curious about where human beings came from. The author discusses in detail the origin of man and how the world has evolved. Chapter one was one of my favorite chapters in the book. Other chapters that stood out for me include the chapters on Christianity’s pagan origins, Islamic schisms and sects, weaponization of anti-Semitism, western democracies and the erasure of people’s histories. I particularly loved the chapters that focused on these topics because the information in the book was both new and refreshing to read.

When reading this book, you realize that William Hanna is not afraid to speak his truth. The author is bold, direct, and open minded. He calls out vices in today’s society and passionately talks about the ills committed by renown figures and societies in history. This book will teach you more about what history has hidden from humanity. The author is not only a great writer but also a great story teller.

The Broken Promise of a Promised Land is an illuminating book with poignant commentary on society and religion, all delivered with sharp writing and a depth of understanding that ensures any reader will be able to grasp the ideas explored within.

Pages: 498 | ASIN:‎ B09C2SWGNY

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Guided Ignatian Contemplation: Meditations on the Gospels to Come Closer to the Heart of Jesus

Guided Ignatian Contemplation: Meditations on the Gospels to Come Closer to the Heart of Jesus by [Lawrence Keller]

I cannot think of another time in my life when I have craved peaceful meditation more than I have over the last year. Some of us are able to do this without prompts while others need inspiration in order to truly reach a peaceful state. Readers who may not necessarily feel versed in the books of the Bible can still benefit from the mediations provided by Lawrence Keller in Guided Ignatian Contemplation: Meditations on the Gospels to Come Closer to the Heart of Jesus.

Guided Ignatian Contemplation: Meditations on the Gospels to Come Closer to the Heart of Jesus, by Lawrence Keller, is a unique compilation of fourteen stories selected from the gospels. Each story builds upon the next and is designed to shape and encourage prayer and a deeper level of introspection. Keller’s collection is presented to readers as a way to spark conversations with Jesus.

Keller has shaped these particular fourteen stories into a striking collection written in a style that will capture readers’ attention and hearts from the first page. Not only is the visual imagery stunning, but the writing style is simple and straightforward while at the same time gripping.

Keller’s work takes me back to the days when my grandmother would share Bible stories with my sister and me. Her soothing voice and the beauty of the lesson were again brought to life with this lovely book of meditations. Keller more than accomplishes his goal of creating opportunities for readers to find ways to converse with God. He gives readers ample opportunities to relate to characters and see themselves in the evolving plotlines.

Guided Ignatian Contemplation is a book I didn’t really know I was missing. Many years have passed since my last encounter with a devotional book, and Keller’s work fills a real void in my spiritual life. I am beyond thankful to have met up with his work and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a book of meditations that is biblically-based.

Pages: 85 | ASIN: B099235JH8

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A Moment Of Grace

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A Moment of Grace is an uplifting devotional on christen values, the joys of living and how to make the best of ourselves. Dr. Jerome Butler makes the reader understand where he is coming from when talking about a particular topic.

A Moment of Grace; is a helpful book. You will get nuggets of wisdom and read about experiences from the author and those that he has interacted with. I enjoyed reading personal stories as they made me appreciate the differences in all of God’s people.

This book is especially great because of how the author has arranged the text. You can read a chapter a day for a whole month as the author has words of wisdom for each day of the month. The chapters are titled ‘Day 1’ through ‘Day 31’, which is a remarkable concept as the style the author used will enable the reader to consume the content in the book well and have a better understanding of what is discussed. I loved the topics selected through the days and would encourage those that consider themselves slow readers to get this book as it is more appealing to them. The author is also considerate and does not push readers to subscribe to what he believes in. He simply guides and lets the reader make a decision for themselves.

A Moment of Grace will enable you to live in grace and joy. By reading about the word of God and understanding Him, you will change your ways and start living a righteous life. I love that the author included bible scriptures when narrating the book. This was a great model as it encourages Christians to read their bibles more often. The author selected interesting bible scriptures and verses that related to the content that he was discussing. The language in the book can be described as optimistic, serious, and friendly. By the end of the reading, the reader feels more connected to their spiritual side.

Towards the end of the book Dr. Jerome Butler writes about a ’Devotional Minute’. This chapter was especially effective for me because I really loved the ideas presented as they were thought-provoking and had me pondering all day long.

A Moment of Grace is a powerfully moving devotional that will bring you close to God and leave you feeling refreshed.

Pages: 115



Emilie by [Ingrid Ramsdale]

Ingrid Ramsdale’s Emilie narrates the story of a girl who wishes nothing but to pursue her dreams. Set in sixteenth-century France against the backdrop of the turbulent struggle between the rising wave of Protestantism and the established Catholicism, the novel paints a vivid picture of its time and perfectly establishes our intelligent eponymous protagonist, Emilie, within that setting. 

Emilie wishes to learn about the healing properties of plants, and pursue it as a career, but she is vehemently opposed by the French society of that time. Women in those times were not allowed to study, rather they were married off to further the political and economic prowess of the family. Emilie plans to elope, but she finds herself caught within the religious turmoil and fatal attacks on her family. 

Although the story takes places in a dramatic historical setting, the powerful message at the core of this riveting story will still resonate with modern readers, especially during these times when so many still struggle for equality. It is an eternal story of a woman trying to create her identity in a society that doesn’t allow women to have minds of their own. Our heroine’s intellectual mind transcends the barriers imposed upon women, and she seeks to learn medicine, arts, geography, and the healing power of herbs. She attains her goal of becoming a natural healer, but she also has to face the rage of a hateful brother and an even more despicable suitor. 

Emilie carries a universal appeal and presents history in an intriguing way. The characters have been developed with an intellectual depth and intelligence that makes them equal to the momentous times they are living in. If you wish to delve into sixteenth-century France, the ecclesiastical history, and the position of women within that framework, this novel would be a fascinating read.

Pages: 324 | ASIN: B094X822H2

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Freedom: True Freedom Lasts Forever

Freedom: True Freedom Lasts Forever by [Wendy Cohen]

If you are looking for an in-depth Christian faith book, things don’t get better than Wendy Cohen’s  Freedom: True Freedom Lasts Forever. This book goes into the details of living a faith-based life amid great spiritual warfare.

The author takes us through her life starting from her conception. She includes stories about what she remembers about the period before her birth, including the time she spends with God himself. From page to page, she regales us with tales of her intimate relationship with the creator over the years. In some instances, she describes seeing him face to face and witnessing the throne of glory itself. But this book is not all roses and daisies, there is a lot of darkness within it as well. For instance, Wendy talks of being possessed by demons and even taking part in spiritual rituals as a child. Her descriptions are so vivid that it is hard not to empathize with her. Ultimately, this book is about how God healed her from her brokenness and used her life for His glory.

Her experience with trauma and spiritual warfare enables her to empathize with and help other broken souls she meets along the way. Through her healing, she also learns how to forgive and love unconditionally, something that helps her reconcile with her parents and take care of them in their last years. Coupled with consistent prayer, it is this level of understanding that helps bring her parents to Christ even though they were self-proclaimed atheists for most of their lives.

While I was captivated by the content, I feel that it can be a bit heavy for readers who are new to the Christian faith or has no previous knowledge of the occult.

As a Messianic Jew, Wendy brings an authenticity to this book that is hard to replicate. She includes scripture from both old and new testaments and draws parallels in the most uncanny of ways. Clearly, she wanted this book to be as biblically accurate as possible. To build depth, she even shares reflections on her life and how her supernatural experiences built her faith. Further still, she tackles popular Christian questions such as “ Why would a loving God allow cruelty in the world?”

Freedom: True Freedom Lasts Forever is an uplifting book that provides a powerful testament that will inspire readers.

Pages: 354 | ASIN: B08HW12VW4

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A Unique Part of My Life

Jeana Kendrick
Jeana Kendrick Author Interview

Memoirs of a Bible Smuggler shares your true story smuggling Bibles during the cold war. Why was this an important book for you to write?

My memoirs I hope are a testimony to God’s power and grace in our lives and His care for those who are hurting such as the persecuted Christians. Both of these were important stories I wanted to tell. Those years were also a unique part of my life and I enjoyed writing about them.

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

The hardest thing to write about were instances that might offend friends and coworkers.

What is one piece of advice you would have given yourself before starting your missionary work?

Always have a backup plan and give God the glory!

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I would like readers to realize that God is always there for us whatever the circumstances. Also, you don’t have to go overseas to be a missionary. The most important mission field is your own home. Lastly, pray for fellow Christians who suffer persecution, oppression and imprisonment for their faith.

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“Memoirs of a Bible Smuggler” by Jeana Kendrick is a true story set during the Cold War, an era in the East Bloc when many who resisted the Communists’ godless decrees faced prison or death. These persecuted Christians were brave and daring, willing to risk all for Christ.A naïve thirty-year-old housewife in the East Texas piney woods, Jeana dreamed of being a Bible smuggler. She and her husband Jeff, a building contractor, began praying an extra hour in the evenings. Before long, Door of Hope International (DOHI) President Paul Popov asked Jeff to remodel the mission’s Austrian base of operations for covert Bible deliveries.The Kendricks arrived in Spittal on der Drau, Austria in the early spring of 1980. The DOHI base there was thirty minutes from both Italy and the former Yugoslavia. While Jeff remodeled the base, Jeana refurbished the interior and prayed for the chance to smuggle Bibles and meet the suffering faithful. God answered her prayer. The couple smuggled Bibles into Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria that summer. Popov said the Kendricks were naturals and asked them to return for a full year the following spring.Back in Texas, six weeks before their departure for Europe, a falling tree struck Jeana suffered a compression fracture and was briefly hospitalized. Nevertheless, the couple left as planned. After several years, the Kendricks were appointed co-directors of DOHI’s literature distribution into Eastern Europe. They developed a network of contacts behind the Iron Curtain and teams of trained couriers. Carpenters, bankers, nurses, stockbrokers and others used their vacations annually to smuggle thousands of Bibles.Confronted by challenges like the vehicle bust at the Romanian border or their own arrests in Russia, the Kendricks rejoiced at God’s continued deliverance. Once border guards drilled into a camper between two rows of Bibles, hitting insulation instead of paper. One afternoon, the Kendricks gave away the last of their money, one thousand dollars. An hour later Jeana and Jeff learned that someone had anonymously deposited five thousand dollars into their bank account. God was faithful. When the Iron Curtain came tumbling down, the Kendricks were there to test the new freedoms and to help. During their thirteen years as missionaries, the many miracles, obstacles overcome and victories won, enriched their lives and those of countless others.
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