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What Happened on Saturday

What Happened on Saturday is an illuminating book that delves into the thirty-six hours between the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

One of the standout features of this book is the way it weaves together historical facts with compelling storytelling, creating a rich and immersive reading experience. I enjoyed this thought-provoking book as it presents a well-researched argument on the topic. Even though the author acknowledges that there is more than one interpretation the author provides plenty of facts, research, and personal experiences to bring clarity to a subject that many think is lost to time.

Author Trinity Royal uses easy-to-understand language throughout the book, which removes the scholarly veil which has shrouded the subject and makes it easy to understand and deeply compelling to the general public. If you are at all interested in the events that took place during the thirty-six hours between Christ’s death and resurrection, I highly recommend this book because it brings excellent lucidity to a short but important period in history.

This informative book provides a wealth of history and facts to support the research and personal experiences shared within. This is a must-read for theologians, and devotees, and will also be valuable to anyone with an interest in history. It is incredibly enlightening and reveals new insights about Jesus and his teachings. This is an impactful book that answered many of my lingering questions, offered profound new questions and answers, and helped me strengthen my spiritual connection.

I highly recommend What Happened on Saturday to anyone seeking to understand Christ’s life better, or to readers who have always wanted to know what happened between the time of Christ’s death and resurrection. What Happened on Saturday is a thought-provoking and engaging read that is sure to appeal to readers.

Pages: 73 | ASIN: B0BMZP4F8N

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Blessed Chest – Book Trailer

“Ladies, are you looking for a way to boost your bust size and your faith at the same time? Look no further! ‘Blessed Chest: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Breast Enhancement’ is the perfect book for you. This uplifting guide combines easy-to-follow exercises, specifically designed to enhance your bust, with powerful Christian affirmations to boost your confidence and faith.

You’ll learn exercises that target your chest muscles, helping to lift and firm your breasts. And with the help of our daily affirmations, you’ll be reminded of the truth of your worth and beauty as a child of God. Not only will you see physical changes in your chest, but you’ll also experience an emotional and spiritual uplift.

This book is perfect for Christian women of all ages, sizes and shapes. It’s time to embrace the woman God created you to be and feel confident in your own skin. So, grab a copy today and let’s get started on this journey of faith and breast enhancement together!”

Love Found In Jesus

Author Interview
Rodney Lyttaker Author Interview

Poetry to Heal is an inspirational and emotionally charged collection of poetry and songs. What inspires you to write poetry?

I fell in love with Jesus when I received Salvation through Jesus in 2012. I love to write to tell others about Faith/Hope and love found in Jesus. We all have stories to tell, I write to inspire others, to lift them up that when they read said poem they can relate to it.

What are some emotions you find your poetry often explores?

Uplifting as the readers/fans can relate to said poem and it touches them, when they are feeling down. When said poem is read they feel peace and love of Jesus Christ through them.

What challenges did you set for yourself as a writer with this collection?

Hopefully one day the right reader/producer will read my book and want to turn some of my poetry into a movie. One day a band will see my lyrics and want to work with me to put music to my lyrics and hopefully they will get airplay for the World to listen to.

Do you have plans to write and publish more works of poetry?

Yes I’m working on my 3rd book that will be a mixture of song lyrics and poetry.

This is a book of Poems, a couple songs written. These Poems and songs are written to Inspire and give joy to the readers.

The Poems are Christian based, also about letting go of a loved one.

Journey On!

Journey On! The Evolution of Thought by Caycee Johnson and Keith L. Johnson is an inspirational book full of wisdom. The authors take the reader through topics such as joy, encouragement, optimism, and peace. They share their thoughts on these key subjects by sharing their point of view, quotes from well-known personalities, and bible verses. 

Each chapter of this well-written book is short, and the language is simple to comprehend, without many complex terminologies, enabling the reader to quickly grasp the essence of each section. Moreover, due to how the book is written, the reader could read the whole book in a short space or use the book as a devotional: choosing to reflect on a different topic each day.

The authors’ take on the subject of contentment is based on the foundation that tomorrow is not promised. The authors examine how we could all use this sentiment to be more content in life. Interestingly, the book also tackles the topic of a person’s inner circle.   This section contained wise words from the author as well as included a prayer that the reader can pray for their family, allowing them to further reflect on their family members and their inner circle as a whole. The devotional book contains several prayers in other sections, which helps their reader become wiser and think about how these topics affect their heart too.

Each chapter in the book is full of encouragement and reminds me of how I felt when I read the book of Proverbs. Journey On! is thought-provoking but not a deep dive into a theological study. However, it does have critical reminders and thoughts that the reader can quickly reflect upon, and the book is ideal for anyone who wants to move forward in their life with more wisdom.

Pages: 118 | ASIN : B07X4DBKVT

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This Book Was Born Of A Promise

Wendy L Hackey Author Interview

When Mommy is in Heaven follows a little boy who prays to God each night that his mom in Heaven can visit and attend his Monther’s Day Tea Party. What was the inspiration for your story?

The inspiration for “When Mommy is in Heaven” was my dear friend, Lisa, who passed away after giving birth to her son. When she passed, I was also pregnant and I was devastated by the sudden loss of my friend. I made a posthumous promise to her that I would write a book for her son. This book was born of a promise. 

The art in this book is fantastic. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Dan Drewes?

The collaboration with Dan was amazing! He was very patient with me, knowing that this was a very personal story, and I wanted everything to be perfect. More importantly his illustrations were a perfect depiction of my vision for this book and that was important to him!

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

It was important for me to share that Micah’s life was a blessing from God. It was also important for me to address the issues of loss, grief and faith in a manner that a child could understand. 

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am currently working on the second book in Micah’s story ” When Micah Goes to First Grade”. In addition, I am working on another children’s book, “The Colors of Me” for my Grandson. Both are in the process of publication and I hope to have them both available by this summer.

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Micah’s school is having a Mother’s Day Tea. Though he knows that his Mommy is in Heaven, he believes that if he asks God every night up until the day of the party, God will allow his Mommy to come. Through this experience, Micah gains a better understanding of Heaven and that God does answer prayer, though it may not necessarily be exactly what we ask for.

My Encounter With The Holy Spirit

Author Interview
Olie Jr. Teteer Author Interview

In His Hands: A Spiritual Journey shares your experience with your own spiritual journey and helps others that wish to find their own path with God. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I really felt compelled to write about my experiences, and what I have seen within the Church. After my encounter with the Holy Spirit, my life took a whole different direction.

I feel it is important for the Church to see what is possible, and to give a new direction for today. I don’t have all of the answers but I believe I have been given a glimpse into God’s plan for the Church today.

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

Probably the hardest thing for me to write about was the relationship between my wife and me before we were married, to look back and see how God was directing our lives when we were not following God. How we can know about God but never really know God?

The chapter “A Matter of Authority” deals with women in places of Authority, this is not a popular topic within the Church today as the Church has been corrupted by secular trends. Why am I to be so vocal on this subject in light of where the Church is going today?

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

 Why did Jesus put an emphasis on watching that we were not Deceived?

Our relationship with the Holy Spirit and the need for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the true power of the Church.

Leadership within the Church, Where are the Apostles, and the Prophets, two of the main foundations of the Church?

Why are certain scriptures taken out of context and others are ignored altogether?

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

A renewed interest in their relationship with God and the need to search the scriptures for Truth and not rely totally on someone else to tell them what it means, the Holy Spirit is our Counselor today!

What happens when God interrupts your life. Sends messengers to give you directions?

What happens when the Holy Spirit can operate in you and the Church?

Where are our True Apostles and Prophets of today, when so much is written about False Prophets and Teachers in the Last Days?

The Spirit Of Man Lives Eternally

Chris Tham Author Interview

Embracing God In The Right Perspective With The Right Foundation of Faith In Him helps readers discover their true identity in the spiritual realm and how their identity relates to God. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I came into this world with empty hands, and I shall return to the original source (God), also with empty hands. There were countless historical men with badges of honor and fame, and bountiful wealth who had come and gone. The world remembers them no more with only a glimpse of records to be discovered in history books, if any. The span of mortal human life now on earth averages around 70-80 years old. What meaning can life on earth give to mankind? A man could not even bring his earthly relationships to the next world, let alone his earthly possessions. Why bother about civilized humanity in terms of social and economic justice and equality? What is the point of talking about climate change? Isn’t this vanity in effort and a waste of time? Should men live with unfettered liberty in a lawless society, in pursuit of coveted possessions and lustful pleasures? How do all these things measure up to give us the meaning in life? Man needs to discover his true identity before he could discover the meaning of life in him. And this meaning of life which holds all things together, could only be discovered in the divine truth, in the Word of God. Since God is the origin of all things whether celestial or earthly, then all things must be held together in perfect harmony, peace, and love in Him. Man came into this world as a creation of God, and therefore Man shall also return to Him, as a creation of God. Man holds the breath of God in him. Man discovers God, in his knowledge, education, relationships, and real life experiences. Man is a child of God in the spiritual realm. His spirit is the seed of righteousness of God in the spiritual realm. His spirit is born of God. Self acknowledgement of this eternal divine truth would elevate Man’s dimension of perspective which would bring forth an abundance of joyful hope, peace, and love. Man came into this world without knowing his true identity. Man shall return to Him with repentance and full acknowledgment of his identity as a righteous child of God. Nothing could separate Man from God, as predestined before the foundation of this world is formed. “A word can change a mind. A sentence can change a life. And a book can change the world”. Love is identity-driven, spiritually enlightened and emotionally felt. God loves Man, unconditionally and eternally, in Christ because Man is a child of God. All men shall be resurrected to live again, in Christ and through Christ. The spirit of Man lives eternally because our heavenly Father God is an eternal living God.

What kind of research did you undertake to write this book?

It is all biblical and academic research of all sorts, primarily driven by Christian biblical scriptures and supported by historical hardcore evidence.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

How could Christ take away the sins of Man if God is not in Man? You have trusted a big LIE if you believe Man is not a child of God. Man has been created through the Word of God and the Word of God is God. Adam is a son of God, and so are you! You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Amen.

Denying Christ as the son of God is a self-denial of Man’s identity in God. Acts 17:24-28. The crucifixion of Christ on the Cross could take away the sins of Man because the Word of God as per Colossians 3:11, is embedded in the spiritual heart of every Man as each Man is born with a given measure of faith in God as per Romans 12:3. God so loved the world that He gave us, His Word – John 3:16. Christ is in ALL men – Colossians 3:11. How could we say, “God so loved the world” when Man does not even see Him once, from cradle to grave in the physical realm? The truth is, God is in Man. The spirit of Man lives eternally because the spirit of Man is born of God! And the spirit of Man returns to God – Ecclesiastes 12:7. Why Christ was born out of a womb of a virgin? It was the works of the Spirit, not the works of the flesh. So, was Isaac who was born out of a “dead” womb. The spirit of Man is the seed of righteousness of God in the spiritual realm. The was no distinction between Isaac and Ishmael. Both were sons of God! God did not separate them. Only men did this through religious misguided teachings and beliefs. Knowledge when conceptualized from the wrong perspective WITHOUT GOD, it becomes a LIE. Wasn’t this the first sin of Man (Adam) in the Garden of Eden? When Man believes in a LIE, it would lead him to sin. When sin is allowed to perpetuate and perpetrate, it would lead him to self-destruction. Repentance brings Man to his self-realization that he is indeed a righteous child of God, and Man inherits His kingdom and righteousness, in Christ and through Christ. That is the mark of righteousness. The self-denial of this divine truth is the mark of lawlessness, and it is also self-denial that Christ, being the son of God and Word of God, who is God, is in Man! All things were created through the Word of God – John 1:1-5. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! AMEN.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

Every living soul in the history of mankind is a child of God. AMEN.

Author Links: Amazon | GoodReads

Knowledge without God is not the Truth. Only Truth leads us to the meaning of life as the power of life is in God. God is the everlasting Truth. Faith without understanding of Faith is an unfinished work in Faith. Each and every one of us needs to discover our true identity of who we are before we could truly inherit the fullness of life as we desire to live a life filled with gifts in fullest measure of Peace, Love and Joy in our hearts now and forevermore, with an assured destiny of eternal life! In Christ and through Christ, we shall all live again. Blood and flesh do not inherit the kingdom of God. All men shall be born again of the Word of God, to fully embrace Him and live eternally in His divine Truth and Spirit. Each man is born with a given measure of faith in the Word of God. Every living soul in the history of mankind is a child of God. The future middle eastern war is coming soon. The return of Christ is a certainty! Amen. Jesus is the Alpha (beginning of all) and Omega (end of all). The objective of this Book is not to put down any religious beliefs, teachings, laws and practices we embrace. Its intention is to discover our true identity of who we are in the spiritual realm and how our identity relates to God, who is our Creator and Master of this universe, and how this Father and Child relationship gives us freedom of Peace, which is the ultimate goal in humanity in the kingdom of God. I humbly express this Book as the priceless companion guide in studying the Word of God that shall bring forth healing to all souls throughout the nations on earth. All Glory be unto our Father God. Jesus loves you. God bless! Amen. The Word of God shall bring forth abundance of insightful revelations and joyful enlightenment in your heart and soul. You are glory destined! God bless! Amen!

Embracing God In The Right Perspective With The Right Foundation Of Faith In Him

Embracing God In The Right Perspective With The Right Foundation Of Faith In Him, by Chris Tham, is a thought provoking book that takes a deep dive into the Christian faith. The author has created an enlightening guide for people that want to study religion and gain a better insight into it. The author poses questions on multiple aspects of Christianity and answers them, explaining point by point his reasons and his beliefs, guiding the reader through his thoughts.

Tham writes in a descriptive and direct way, ranging from talking about the existence of the devil to the meaning of life, all while analyzing different characters present in the sacred scriptures and taking quotes directly from the Bible. The tone of the book is conversational and I felt like I was having a discussion with a professor.

Inspirational quotes are present throughout this book and I found all of them to be uplifting. The author provides the reader with great insight into the Bible and God. I appreciated both the summaries at the end of each chapter and the questions, which I think will keep readers engaged. This is an insightful book that will help the reader gain more information about their faith and also test their knowledge of what they’ve learned to help them retain the information. The author doesn’t try to convince readers to turn to Christianity, instead he aims to inform the reader about Christianity so that we are able to make our own choice.

Embracing God In The Right Perspective With The Right Foundation Of Faith In Him by Chris Tham carries and helps bring a greater understanding of faith and inspires unity and peace. This is the perfect read for anyone who wants to learn more about Christianity.

Pages: 523 | ASIN: B08M3Q2Y2N

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