I Put My Soul And Thought In The Book

Sam Smith Author Interview

Can We Talk? tells your story about moving to Canada, the struggle your family faced from the move, and strained relationships with each other. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I moved to Canada 21 years ago with my husband and our two daughters, just like other immigrants first we faced with “no Canadian experience no job, no job no Canadian experience” for years, we didn’t have any option except downgrade ourselves from senior project manger before immigration to sitting in coop courses and doing voluntary jobs.

In the meanwhile our two daughters went through many challenges as newcomers and new students, we were very fortunate they could adopt and achieve their goals after first few years by hard work and working extra hours.

However our daughters could get back to their positions faster than most of immigrants kids ,but it takes 3 years for me and 6 years for my husband to get back to be hired as Engineer, while we thought our life is stable and our days and nights efforts finally took us to what we deserved, our work environment harassment started , it followed by discriminating, racism, genderism, and a hidden competition between those who were born in Canada against successful immigrants who they assumed are stealing their opportunities.

This injustice, negligence and harassment caused me broken long time marriage, job lost, loosing financial stability, a huge distance between me and my daughters and health problems.

Those incidents were just beginning and followed by discriminating, insult, humiliation and harassment every where from doctors office to banks to police stations to stores and even courts and law offices, those mental, emotional and physical abuse made my husband depressed, my talented educated younger daughter without job for 5 years , my smart educated older daughter working 15-17 hours per day for making basic life alone and impacted on me the way one side of my body completely disabled and I almost died.

The main reason of writing this book is letting world knows why in a country that is called free country and are fighting against discrimination out of Canada borders let this happened inside its territory and my 17 years complaint, asking for stopping this harassment not only did not get anywhere but also by misusing and manipulating languages I was tourcherd to death and have been living under extreme interrogation for finding a mystery connection who they created in their unrealistic, abusive world.

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

I am grateful to you and Titan for reviewing my book, since this story is a true story I put my soul and thoughts in the book, going through everything happened to my family and how we went through injustice without doing anything in our fault broke my hear. I lost more than 30 years marriage and a family and home we had built since our early twenty, on top of that losing our respect, our society positions and be treated like a criminal, crazy worthless person by strangers without knowing for which crime we are targeted is something still Canada authorities should answer it.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

I grew up in a country that has very different values, I had seen revolution, war and those who lost their life for standing for what is important for them besides my parents raised me with principals encouraging us read books and live free , plus I started reading books since I was a teen , I read Gandhi, Dessire and Napoleon, historical, psychological and political books they all helped me when I was struggling , I am thankful for my background and my life history that made me be alive today.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

Standing up for their rights, do not give up on taking back what you believe belongs to you and it is taken from you.

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Are we living in a free world without stereotyping and discrimination?

Sam, her husband Shawon and their daughters have faced the trials and challenges of finding their feet in a new country. Sam now has a steady job and their daughters’ educations have gone well. Can their newfound happiness come without a price?
No sooner do they think their troubles are behind them when suddenly their life turns upside down. No matter how hard they try under the influence of the environment they change to a new version of themselves to fight for what is not in their control, and in this road they are led to a separated lifestyle and eventually get distance from each other.

In this true story every member of Sam’s family reacts to trauma in their own way. Sam has been doubting unwanted strange changes related to politics and country but her family accuse her with being paranoid and delusional.

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