Infinity: Detroit Nights

Life wasn’t easy, but it was much more straightforward when Matthew was home in the Louisiana bayou snagging catfish by hand with his sister Nicole. Nicole, who was deaf, was still much the leader of her little family and Matthew’s best friend. However, when Matthew wakes up and finds he is being held hostage, he wonders if he will ever see the bayou’s waters again. He is a young man in the 1930s and desperately wanted by more than one unlawful group for his skills, and now he has a big decision to make.

Infinity: Detroit Nights, by Catalina DuBois, is the story of a young man who appears in all ways to be backward and racist. His character is well-written–DuBois gives vivid details about Matthew’s background and provides dialogue that brings him to life. His words are sometimes difficult to read, but they are, unfortunately, accurate and dead-on for the type of character he portrays. DuBois has not to mince words when it comes to her main character, and this is what makes the entire story so impactful.

Sarah, Tony, the mobster’s girlfriend and proprietor of a brothel, is quite the match for Matthew. She is everything you want to see in a strong female character. Even though her business is not morally upright, Sarah comes across as a fierce protector who will stop at nothing to defend the women she is helping. She is one of the most attractive female characters I have read in a long time.

One of the most fascinating aspects of DuBois’s writing is the dynamic she creates between Matthew and Sarah, who are polar opposites for all intents and purposes. They are living in a time when the two should be mortal enemies. Matthew’s upbringing in Louisiana makes him see the world through the eyes of a racist, and Sarah is black. They are nothing alike on the surface, but how the author has shaped the two, and their relationship is nothing short of amazing.

The drama surrounding gangster activity and all of the associated intrigue serves to make this an exciting read. In addition, the storyline’s distinctly romantic feel will entice readers of the romance drama. I recommend DuBois’s work to anyone interested in reading fiction set in the 1930s. It is clear DuBois has done her research and made her story as historically accurate as she has made it rich with well-developed characters.

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