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INFINITY: A Winter Romance

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It can never be said that Sarah Nightingale is a typical lady. As a seventeen-year-old, she is approaching old-maid status and does not seem to care. She is independent, outspoken, and completely willing and more than able to run her father’s farm. Tobias, her father, realizes all of this but still wants to see her married. When he arranges a meeting between his daughter and Matthew, an eligible and promising prospective son-in-law, he has no way of knowing he has set into motion a sequence of events he will soon regret. Meanwhile, Sarah has designs on a marriage of her own–one no one would ever expect.

Infinity: A Winter Romance, by Catalina DuBois, is one in a series of books that follows two star-crossed lovers through time as they continue to encounter one another and fight for the chance to be together. As they fight to reunite and regain the love that was once stolen from them, they must overcome one incredible obstacle after another in order to defeat the forces that are determined to keep them apart for eternity.

Sarah and Matthew make the perfect pair. The dynamic DuBois has created between the two in this time period is intriguing, to say the least. Sarah is headstrong and cannot be told what to do; she is a fantastic main character. Her boldness shines through everything she says and does throughout the plot. It’s clear that Matthew has been written to shine a light on Sarah’s character. He is likable but takes nothing away from Sarah.

I so enjoy the way DuBois writes. This is the second book in her Infinity that I have read, and the element of mystery she adds to her books makes each a must-read. She leaves each chapter with a line or two that will hook readers every time, urging them on to the next chapter. This is the kind of writing I prefer–I want to be made to feel that I am missing out if I don’t just keep reading. DuBois, without a doubt, is a master at producing books you won’t be able to put down until you have reached the last page.

Infinity: A Winter Romance, by Catalina DuBois, DuBois’s romance is tastefully written with just enough sensuality to attract romance fans. DuBois’s characters are relatable no matter the time period in which the book is written, and the combination of drama and humor, along with elements of romance, pushes DuBois’s works into the top spot on my list of books I highly recommend.

Pages: 154 | ASIN : B0BKYSQNZ9

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A Reincarnation Series

Catalina DuBois Author Interview

INFINITY: Book of Matthew II follows a biracial couple who live in the Civil War era and the things they must do for their family to survive. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I wanted to write something patriotic. Most writers focus on the Revolutionary War for that but as a black female, I never felt any sense of patriotism regarding the Revolutionary War. The Fourth of July only declared independence for white, land-owning, males. I went with a Civil War theme because that was the historical event that finally set this country on a path of liberty and justice for ALL.

How has character development for the main character changed for you through the series?

Infinity is a reincarnation series so there are massive changes in the main characters from book to book due to the massive changes in their circumstances from lifetime to lifetime. In The Fifth Bride of Pharaoh Matthew is a slave. In A Crown of Golden Leaves he’s the royal heir to the Roman Empire. Sarah is a princess in Quest for the Holy Grail. She’s a slave in Book of Matthew. Their personalities, motivations, and the actions they take are affected by the time period they live in, their stations in life, and the conflicts they endure. I believe we are the sum of our total past experiences. I wrote the Infinity series to reflect that.

What experience in your life has had the biggest impact on your writing?

Being excluded from popular culture. Books and film have come a long way but during my impressionable and vulnerable youth, I never saw characters who looked like me in the genres I enjoyed. I like fantasy, historical romance, suspense, and mystery. The main people who say inclusion doesn’t matter are the ones who benefit from such a bias. Naturally they cannot understand the amount of bullying the rest of us endure due to that bias. Even a fun holiday like Halloween used to be a nightmare for children of color. Other students and even adults are telling you what you can’t wear. “Don’t dress as a princess. Everyone knows all the princesses are white.” Because there was no Tiana, no Shuri, no Nakia.

“Don’t dress like an action hero. Everyone knows that action heroes are men.” Because there was no Angelina Jolie, no Charlize Theron, no Uma Thermon. “Don’t dress like a superhero.” Because there was no king T`Challa.

Growing up excluded from popular culture is an existence plagued by unrelenting racism where you are constantly dictated what you can’t wear, what you can’t do, and what you will never be when you grow up. The scariest part is that you would assume I was ninety years old given the lack of diversity I grew up with and the rampant discrimination I faced as a result. I am thirty-nine years old. I refused to allow this to be my daughter’s fate. So I write characters who look like me because every little girl deserves to feel like a princess.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The newest Infinity is called A Winter Romance. Being in a noble family is nothing like the fairytales. A lavish life of privilege comes at detrimental costs. Villains with deadly intentions plot against Sarah, but Matthew will stop at nothing to protect his one true love in this thrilling winter romance.

This full length romantic suspense was published this week as part of the Déjà vu collection. It is available on Amazon.

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INFINITY: Book of Matthew II

In INFINITY: Book of Matthew II by Catalina DuBois, readers follow Sara during the Civil War era. Sara is a black woman that was a former slave at the Colburn Plantation in the states. She falls in love with a white man named Matthew who sweeps her off her feet and takes her to France. Now Sarah has become one of the few women in the world to become a medical doctor and has built a successful practice. After a terrible incident occurs in Sarah’s home and her children are almost taken away and put into slavery, Matthew and Sarah make the hard decision to fight in the war to protect their family.

Catalina DuBois takes readers on a spellbinding journey through time that forces readers to face the harsh reality of slavery, the Civil War, and the impacts it had on people. Sarah is a strong and mesmerizing character, but she is also kind even after all of the abuse she went through. Matthew’s character is one that many readers will fall in love with, especially after seeing his love for Sarah and his family.

The author immerses readers in the couples lives and we feel the love that they have for one another. The romance scenes are written tastefully, making the reader want to read more as the couple express their love and lust for one another.

This is book two of the series, but I think this novel can be read without having read book one as the author quickly recaps the first story, catching the reader up to Sarah’s current situation. The scenes of war are just as impactful as the romance scenes, and readers will be rooting for Matthew’s safe return. The author gives readers an inside look into Matthew’s thoughts as he writes in his journal. I enjoyed how this allows the reader to get a sense of what Matthew is feeling. This is a compelling book that gives just as much emotional depth to the horrors of war as it does to the romance in the book and I was enthralled with the story because of it.

INFINITY: Book of Matthew II is an engrossing story of courage, hope, and love. This is a rousing historical romance novel that I highly recommend to readers who are looking for a thrilling read with romance throughout.

Pages: 192

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Infinity: Detroit Nights

Life wasn’t easy, but it was much more straightforward when Matthew was home in the Louisiana bayou snagging catfish by hand with his sister Nicole. Nicole, who was deaf, was still much the leader of her little family and Matthew’s best friend. However, when Matthew wakes up and finds he is being held hostage, he wonders if he will ever see the bayou’s waters again. He is a young man in the 1930s and desperately wanted by more than one unlawful group for his skills, and now he has a big decision to make.

Infinity: Detroit Nights, by Catalina DuBois, is the story of a young man who appears in all ways to be backward and racist. His character is well-written–DuBois gives vivid details about Matthew’s background and provides dialogue that brings him to life. His words are sometimes difficult to read, but they are, unfortunately, accurate and dead-on for the type of character he portrays. DuBois has not to mince words when it comes to her main character, and this is what makes the entire story so impactful.

Sarah, Tony, the mobster’s girlfriend and proprietor of a brothel, is quite the match for Matthew. She is everything you want to see in a strong female character. Even though her business is not morally upright, Sarah comes across as a fierce protector who will stop at nothing to defend the women she is helping. She is one of the most attractive female characters I have read in a long time.

One of the most fascinating aspects of DuBois’s writing is the dynamic she creates between Matthew and Sarah, who are polar opposites for all intents and purposes. They are living in a time when the two should be mortal enemies. Matthew’s upbringing in Louisiana makes him see the world through the eyes of a racist, and Sarah is black. They are nothing alike on the surface, but how the author has shaped the two, and their relationship is nothing short of amazing.

The drama surrounding gangster activity and all of the associated intrigue serves to make this an exciting read. In addition, the storyline’s distinctly romantic feel will entice readers of the romance drama. I recommend DuBois’s work to anyone interested in reading fiction set in the 1930s. It is clear DuBois has done her research and made her story as historically accurate as she has made it rich with well-developed characters.

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The Colburn Curse – Trailer

Murder, betrayal, & scandal plague the Colburn family. A curse has shadowed them throughout time. This tale of intrigue follows the Colburns back to their beginning in New Orleans, Louisiana. Matt Colburn’s duty is to protect an aristocrat named Arial. From the moment they meet, she steals his breath away. They dance and it feels like a brush with destiny, but Arial has a dreadful secret that endangers the lives of everyone she holds dear, especially Matt. Will he be able to save her or will she become the next victim of the Louisiana Strangler…

Quest for the Holy Grail – Trailer

Torn between two worlds, Sarah is fighting to be a part of her husband’s European culture while struggling to hold on to her own. She & Sir Matthew Galahad were married as children without their opinion nor consent. Despite their arranged marriage, they form a friendship that blossoms into something beautiful. When tragedy strikes Matthew becomes desperate to save a woman he did not choose & never thought he would love. He sets off on a perilous mission to retrieve a fabled chalice. It is the only thing that can save his dying bride. With the help of Prince Arthur & the knights, Matthew battles mythical beasts & unimaginable horrors in his quest for the holy grail…

A Crown of Golden Leaves – Trailer

Sara becomes torn between love and duty when she is chosen by the gods to assassinate the father of her beloved. Emperor Titus is the most powerful and ruthless villain in the world. Terminating him seems to be her only option, but Sara soon finds that there is so much more to the tyrant than meets the eye. Titus takes Sara on a journey through his dark and twisted path and shows her the true burden of his crown of golden leaves. Will she be able to follow through with his murder?

The Fifth Bride of Pharaoh -Trailer

Sara, princess of Nubia, is chosen to marry the wealthy and all-powerful Pharaoh of Egypt. Matthaios is a fair-skinned slave from a faraway place of snow and mountains. He’s been assigned to serve the Nubian princess and train this foreign beauty in the customs and traditions of Egypt. He’s never met anyone like her and doesn’t understand why Sara should be the fifth wife of any man. If Matthaios was pharaoh he would place the world at her feet but it isn’t his place to question such matters. With a conflicted heart, Matthaios accepts and carries out his duties. He is convinced that he made the right choice. Sara is becoming Egypt’s greatest bride yet, but what happens when Sara decides she’d rather be the only love of a slave, than the fifth bride of Pharaoh?

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