Living in the Gray

Living in the Grey by Katie Weber is an emotionally-resonant memoir that follows Katie Weber. She has everything going for her, a great upbringing and an excellent education, she is young and healthy, but all of that is shattered when she is diagnosed with cancer at 23. After a heroic battle and being cancer-free for five years, she starts putting the pieces of her life back together. But then she relapses. With her identity and dreams shattered, Katie allows readers to follow her emotional journey, struggles, and fight for life.

Katie Weber shares her experiences in a candid and unfiltered way that feels raw, emotional, approachable, and uplifting. We learn about her challenges, but we also see how she manages to move forward.

Reading about Katie’s life after battling cancer and now in remission is an eye-opening read. There are many things that the author tells readers that I would never have thought about. Things people with cancer face, ask themselves, and fear. I was especially moved by seeing how much it affects your emotions and will to live. I wasn’t aware that the author suffered from double vision, inability to stand on her own, having bad hearing, and terrible memory. Her home has been modified to help her get around with little assistance from her husband. These are the day-to-day things that people with cancer face. They seem prosaic, but all these small things add up to something that feels daunting, and I appreciated how those challenges are shared and explored in this memoir.

Throughout the author’s book, she mentions that it is hard not to sound upset with everything she is dealing with and she should be grateful to be alive, but if I were in her shoes, I would feel the exact same way. I give praise to Katie for finding an outlet through writing. I also enjoyed the pieces of her blog she shares with readers. Katie also brings to light how the pandemic affected her because she was out of contact with the world and felt even more lonely.

Living in the Grey is an insightful, touching, and encouraging memoir that I highly recommend to readers who might be battling cancer or anyone who wants to learn more about the fight and see firsthand what those with cancer face. Katie Weber shares her personal experience, and readers get an up close look into her life and thoughts.

Pages: 68 | ISBN: 1639883851

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  1. This book is inspirational not only for those fighting cancer or any other serious disease but also for those who are aging and facing emotional and physical losses that happen to most people who are lucky enough to live a long time. The loss of independence and social interaction is now felt more dearly by all of us because of COVID. Need a book to uplift an aging or sick friend? This makes a very thoughtful gift!


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