Summertime with Snowman Paul

Paul is not your typical snowman; rather, he is alive and does not melt away with the winter snow. So, Paul stays with his friends year-round and participates in all their fun activities. However, summer is more challenging; a snowman does not do well even if he doesn’t melt away. So, his friend Dan comes up with a plan to help Paul survive summer and have fun too. But, can Dan’s plan really work and save summertime for Paul?

Summertime with Snowman Paul, written by Yossi Lapid, is a fun and entertaining picture book that preschoolers and kindergarten readers will enjoy. The full-page colorful and whimsical illustrations are done by Joanna Pasek. Kids will enjoy seeing popular summer activities in the book and will be able to understand why Paul is so sad to be missing out on them.

What I really love about this children’s book is the imaginative character of Paul. Kids are used to seeing other pop culture snowmen, but Paul is different, and I feel more relatable. Dan’s compassion for his friend Paul is also a wonderful message for children to read about. They learn how important it is to help out your friends and that not everyone has to enjoy the same activities to be friends. While Dan and his friends want summer by swimming and going to the beach, it just does not work for Paul. So instead of leaving him behind, Dan problem solves a way to make him comfortable and help him enjoy summer with his friends. The world needs more friends like Dan.

Summertime with Snowman Paul is a magical picture book that will have children and adults laughing and enjoying the antics of a snowman trying to find a way to enjoy the summer heat. Along the way, children learn a valuable lesson about compassion and friendship.


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