The Legend of Paisley Pete: A Magical Story About Abandoned Cats

There are times humans make bad choices, and abandoning a family pet is one of those times. Flynn is confused about why his family has left him in the middle of nowhere; he is afraid, hungry, and scared. So he is suspicious when a strange cat shows up and offers to sit with him. Next, a sweet girl cat shows up and offers him a snack. Soon he follows them back to the feral colony. Here he learns the fable of the Pete the Paisley Cat is real. Cats that have been abandoned by humans and abused turn a majestic paisley pattern, and Flynn realizes his coat is changing as well. He realizes his family has left him and starts to accept those around him, especially Daisy. The following day something magical happens. Will the cats be rescued and find a home?

Author Phyllis Smith has written and whimsical children’s book, The Legend of Paisley Pete: A Magical Story About Abandoned Cats. This heartwarming story is based on her real-life experiences of rescuing a feral cat colony. I loved that the story is told from the perspective of the cats. While Smith says this is because the cat’s view is more interesting, I feel it also adds a dimension to the story of humanizing their feelings. Animals have feelings just like people, and this story highlights that.

The illustrations also done by Smith are amazing. They are vibrant and colorful. Each cat is unique and seeing the different patterns and colors that match their personality bring the story to life. Each page will keep children engaged, looking at the designs and seeing how each cat is different.

The Legend of Paisley Pete is a well-written children’s book from which children can learn compassion. Written for elementary-age children, this would be an excellent book for classrooms and a home library. However, anyone that loves animals, especially cats, will find this book works its way into their hearts and will want to read it more than once.

Pages: 77 | ASIN : B0B1D6CLWZ

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