The Red Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave & Other Ancient Mysteries

Nevada’s Paiutes spoke of a race of statuesque red-headed cannibals who attacked and ate members of the surrounding tribes. Eventually, the Paiutes destroyed them in Lovelock Cave. In 1911, miners discovered the remains of giant red-headed mummies and thousands of artifacts. The artifacts were excavated and disbursed to several museums, but the mummies disappeared from public view. What happened to the giant mummies, and why were they hidden from the public? Floyd Wills’s investigation into Lovelock Cave’s mystery reveals compelling evidence that the red-haired giants’ Paiute tales were true. Mr. Wills supports his belief with newspaper articles, Native American accounts of giants, eyewitness testimony, photographs of skeletal remains, and artifacts found in and around Lovelock Cave. Other strange historical topics covered include: the Nazca Mummies, the Flores Hobbits of Indonesia, the Biblical Giants or The Nephilim, the Elongated Skull People of Paracas Peru, the Ica Stones, and the Acambaro Dinosaur Figurines.

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