The Order of Walera

A war ravaged the land. A hard-won peace is kept in place with the formation of the orders; The order of Walera from Ravinshore, The Order of the three in Duken, and the Order of the Red Flame in Queens Hill. Olin, a young sciff recently recruited into the order of Walera accidentally comes across a terrible conspiracy involving the Order and the mysterious illness that had befallen the king of Ravinshore. As he realizes the importance and danger of the information he has acquired, Olin escapes the Order and returns home to enlist the help of his uncle. As the pair prepares to run, they’re tracked down by the generals of the Order with the intention of eliminating them. On their perilous journey Olin meets Yondi, a young mage apprentice. They must fight together as they encounter obstacle after obstacle all while they pose the question, who can they really trust?

The Order of Walera is the first installment in the dramatic Ash and Stone Saga by A.M. Dyer. This young adult fantasy novel vividly depicts a complex and intricate world, from secret orders to powerful kingdoms to magic-wielding mages. The setting is very detailed, making the reader feel as if they’re taking the journey along with the characters. I really enjoyed how immersive this story felt and I think that’s because the lore, backstory and world all feel deep.

The characters are incredibly well-built with convincing personality traits. There’s the protagonist Olin, who starts the story as a curious and slightly shy young man but as the plot progresses the reader will experience his growth and character development as he’s faced with more challenging obstacles every time. There’s also Yondi, a young apprentice who gets roped into helping Olin in his quest. I would describe Yondi as the perfect sidekick. The boys establish a strong connection with each other and form a team that will keep readers entertained throughout the adventure.

The plot is easy to understand right from the beginning, perfect for a young adult adventure story, but it is no less engaging. The story flows well and there are no plot holes left behind, everything connects at one point in the story. This made the book very enjoyable. The novel is well written but at times I thought it was overly descriptive. However, this can be excused considering this is an epic fantasy tale that is setting the stage for a larger story.

The Order of Walera: Book 1 is an exciting coming-of-age story with an engaging plot and authentic characters that readers will love to follow.

Pages: 394 | ASIN: B0B1XZQ4RQ

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