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A. M. Dyer Author Interview

​The Order of Walrea is the first installment to The Ash and Stone saga, which chronicles an epic adventure across a land filled with conspiracy, magic, and betrayal. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration came from allot of different and varied places. The story idea formed over several years as you read a book, a certain aspect of the book may inspire how two characters will interact with each other which leads the story into a new direction.

Olin and Yondi were great characters. What were some driving ideals behind their relationship and character development?

The main driving ideal that I felt was important to explore was friendship and the lengths that close friends will go for each other however brief the friendship. This played allot into their development as the story progressed in book 1 as well as heavily impacting Olin in book 2.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The themes I felt that were important to explore in the book were loyalty and the lack thereof, friendship, abandonment and the length that friends will go for each other, and that people will innately oppose immoral actions.

What can readers expect in book two in the Ash and Stone Saga?

Book 2 continues the adventure where book 1 left off. Book 2 is filled with more conspiracy and action as the plot instigated by Walera has come to light. Olin and Levyna explore their fightning new power as tensions escalate and war looms near.

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The Order of Walrea is the first installment to The Ash and Stone saga which chronicles an epic adventure across the Three Kingdoms, a land filled with conspiracy, magic, betrayal, and the machinations of fate.

The Three Kingdoms – Queen’s Hill, Duken, and Ravinshore – live side-by-side in hard-won peace. That peace is protected by the Orders, created to secure and safeguard each kingdoms’ interests: the Order of the Three in Duken, the Order of the Red Flame in Queen’s Hill, and the Order of Walrea in Ravinshore. But when Olin, a curious sciff servant, overhears a dangerous secret, the Three Kingdoms are thrust into a race against time to stop a conspiracy threatening the very foundation of the Orders, and the safety of the thrones.

In a journey that crosses from one end of the Three Kingdoms to another, Olin’s path converges with a wide cast of characters: Yondi, a mage’s apprentice roped into helping Olin on his quest; Posdel, a mage trying to drown the shadows in his memory with drink; Levyna, a young mage coming into a dangerous power to dream the future and travel across the kingdoms at will; Isabelle, a sorceress called to save the life of the King of Ravinshore; and Gytha, a Grand Sorceress with a mysterious past and a devastating power.

Facing an enemy that looms in every shadow, one whose reach extends far beyond the kingdoms’ borders, these individuals connected by fate must decide who to trust as they work to thwart the conspiracy and protect the very foundation of their kingdoms. As destinies converge and unseen danger creeps closer to the thrones, they must stand together in the fight against one of the most powerful entities in the Three Kingdoms: the Order of Walrea.

The Order of Walera

A war ravaged the land. A hard-won peace is kept in place with the formation of the orders; The order of Walera from Ravinshore, The Order of the three in Duken, and the Order of the Red Flame in Queens Hill. Olin, a young sciff recently recruited into the order of Walera accidentally comes across a terrible conspiracy involving the Order and the mysterious illness that had befallen the king of Ravinshore. As he realizes the importance and danger of the information he has acquired, Olin escapes the Order and returns home to enlist the help of his uncle. As the pair prepares to run, they’re tracked down by the generals of the Order with the intention of eliminating them. On their perilous journey Olin meets Yondi, a young mage apprentice. They must fight together as they encounter obstacle after obstacle all while they pose the question, who can they really trust?

The Order of Walera is the first installment in the dramatic Ash and Stone Saga by A.M. Dyer. This young adult fantasy novel vividly depicts a complex and intricate world, from secret orders to powerful kingdoms to magic-wielding mages. The setting is very detailed, making the reader feel as if they’re taking the journey along with the characters. I really enjoyed how immersive this story felt and I think that’s because the lore, backstory and world all feel deep.

The characters are incredibly well-built with convincing personality traits. There’s the protagonist Olin, who starts the story as a curious and slightly shy young man but as the plot progresses the reader will experience his growth and character development as he’s faced with more challenging obstacles every time. There’s also Yondi, a young apprentice who gets roped into helping Olin in his quest. I would describe Yondi as the perfect sidekick. The boys establish a strong connection with each other and form a team that will keep readers entertained throughout the adventure.

The plot is easy to understand right from the beginning, perfect for a young adult adventure story, but it is no less engaging. The story flows well and there are no plot holes left behind, everything connects at one point in the story. This made the book very enjoyable. The novel is well written but at times I thought it was overly descriptive. However, this can be excused considering this is an epic fantasy tale that is setting the stage for a larger story.

The Order of Walera: Book 1 is an exciting coming-of-age story with an engaging plot and authentic characters that readers will love to follow.

Pages: 394 | ASIN: B0B1XZQ4RQ

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