The China Paradox

The China Paradox follows Walter Lummis, a freelance journalist in his 70’s who has spent most of his life reporting on Asia. The book starts when Lummis witnesses the real-world assassination of Kim Jong Un’s brother, Kim Jong Nam. Already privy to a conspiracy that threatens to change the world forever, Lummis is now wanted by North Korea’s deadly intelligence agency, the MSS. We follow Lummis as he both fights for survival and fights to reveal the conspiracy before it’s too late.

Lummis is not a traditional hero. He’s a man approaching the end of the line. He has spent his life chasing the next big story, and he’s never really amounted to much. A serial womanizer and borderline drunk, Lummis has pushed away everyone in his life. When Lummis stumbles across the story of the century he realizes it’s his path to a possible Pulitzer prize and a big payday. To Lummis saving the world is just an added benefit.

The China Paradox could serve as a textbook on current affairs. It’s rare to read a book that blurs the lines of fact and fiction so closely. This is a political thriller that hits far too close to home and at times can be downright terrifying.

The first half of the book is written as a first-person audio recording. Lummis dodges from location to location whilst speaking into his recorder, filling the reader in on the meat of the conspiracy. The second half turns to a more traditional third-person approach as Lummis attempts to get his story published whilst dodging various pursuers.

During the second half of the book there are several scenes where the 70+ year old protagonist dodges bullets and outruns assassins/spies half his age. At one point he is even ejected through a speeding car’s windshield into a solid object and dusts himself off as if nothing happened. Other than these scenes the book is realistically written. In a book with a compelling protagonist and an intriguing plot these action scenes are just an accessory to an already riveting political thriller.

All in all The China Paradox is an excellent political thriller. Shirar blends the lines between reality and fiction masterfully. The result is a book that works as a terrifying warning of what could come. I highly recommend this novel to readers with a healthy interest in current affairs or any fan of political thrillers.

Pages: 251 | ASIN: B0B655GNZN

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