Beyond Amazon

Beyond Amazon is the debut novel of authors Jesse G Shepherd and Carolee Shepherd, and it is well installed in the science fiction genre with hints of romance and fantasy.

The story follows Curtis Trueheart, a young traveling musician who gets invited to perform in his hometown in Montana. After giving his concert, Curtis is approached by a kind, gentle-looking couple who introduce themselves as Randy, Alecia, and their son Luka. They immediately hit it off and invite Curtis to spend some time with them in their home at Outhere Island, in the Salish sea. Curtis accepts as he’s ready to take a break from music after a long and demanding tour. Unaware that he’s being sucked into the adventure of a lifetime, Curtis arrives with his new friends on Outhere Island, where he soon realizes that nothing is as it seems and the island hides wonderful secrets. As he’s approached by mystical creatures and faces the existence of an alternate reality, Curtis is enveloped in an entirely fantastical world where he discovers that there is a lot more beyond our dimension.

Beyond Amazon is a well-paced novel where one second you’re reading about the daily life of a young musician, and the next, you’re swept into a mystical world where shifting and alternate dimensions aren’t too far off from reality. Its genre is a gentle form of science fiction, where violence and bloodshed are excluded from the story as it focuses on more positive and joyful plotlines. The plot in itself is very compelling as it flows with perfect synergy. One chapter pours into the other without plotholes or sudden jumps between storylines. It captures the reader’s attention from the beginning and maintains its grip throughout the whole story. It is straightforward to read and presents clear writing and use of language.

The characters are exceptionally well-written and diverse, each with nuances and complexities of their own. The main character, Curtis Trueheart, is a young musician based in Seattle. He’s brave and kind-hearted, though slightly reluctant to accept the mystical realities he’s suddenly faced with. It is enjoyable to follow Curtis’s growth as the story progresses and watch as he not only accepts but embraces his new reality with an open heart and makes some excellent connections on the way.

Beyond Amazon: A metaphysical journey through time and space; How Curtis Trueheart came to live in the village of Duachi, by the Golden Sea is a charming and soul-touching story. The world-building is truly creative and a wonderful place to find respite from our currently turmoiled reality. I recommend it to anyone looking for a joyful and peaceful read full of optimism and possibility.

Pages: 221 | ASIN : B09VYKHPC2

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