The Infinydon: God Slayer

Dr. Evelyn Humboldt, a professor and researcher, has been studying a new specimen of jellyfish that are said to be immortal. After a day’s work, and a fall that resulted in her cutting her hand open, she was about to leave with her colleague when something strange happened. With one drop of blood going into the tank, the jellyfish morphed to have beast-like features before returning to its natural state in the blink of an eye. In another place, Delsin Buck is forcefully given premonitions of an ominous threat to humanity, and at sea, an ancient leviathan creature is hungry for blood and will stop at nothing until all living things are dead. In a last-ditch effort, a research team is rallied to try and find a way to save life as we know it from total extinction.

The Infinydon is a campy science fiction thriller that is fun and intriguing in equal measure. I enjoyed how succinct the storytelling was and I also enjoyed how methodical the forward momentum of the plot was. These two things come together to create an absorbing story with clear descriptions that keep you engaged throughout the novel.

This is a suspenseful novel that immerses you in the plot thanks to the detailed descriptions of scenes that would be perfect for a Hollywood movie, à la The Meg or Deep Blue Sea. The premise of the story is interesting and the characters are well developed. There are a plethora of characters in this sci-fi story, which is sometimes hard to keep track of, but this also gives the story an epic feel where things feel like they are happening on a larger scale, rather than one incident like in the movie Jaws. Even though the story starts out describing each character and their background, their storylines seamlessly connect and lead them to the Infinydon.

The plot moves quickly, keeping readers on their toes and ensuring we’re consistently learning or seeing something new in the story. This is perfect because I wanted to know more about the characters and how they would approach Infinydon. The action scenes involving the Infinydon are intense, and I found myself reading quickly through these scenes because of how vivid and tense the descriptions were.

The Infinydon: God Slayer is an exciting science fiction thriller that will appeal to readers looking for a book that moves quickly and never forgets to entertain the reader.

Pages: 460 | ASIN: B0B5HCN9BW

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