What All Dogs Really Yearn For

Sara V. Robinson Author Interview

Walter follows a dog who is neglected by his owner and embarks on a journey to find his forever home. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I believe that educating younger generations is the key to ensure more responsible and loving pet owners.

The art in this book is fantastic. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Edixon Rodriguez?

Working with Edixon was a great experience. I talked to him a couple of times about each chapter and what I wanted to be portrayed in each illustration.

I sent him pictures of Walter and in a few weeks sketches were ready.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Walter explores important themes like irresponsible ownership of a dog, mistreatment, abuse, and the suffering of animals who have no voice. At the same time, Walter reflects what all dogs really yearn for, that is to be close to humans, to be loved and cared for. The ancestral connection between dogs and humans is an unbreakable bond that some of us don’t even deserve. When you read the story, you realize that Walter is also a brave dog who dared to jump the fence to see the world beyond, a world he never had the chance to see before. Sometimes we, humans, like to live comfortably in our patios, and we never dare to see what is on the other side, beyond the fence.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on “The Mouse in the Pumpkin”. It is a chapter book for children 8 years and up. It is the story of a family who is suddenly forced to flee their beloved home. I found inspiration for this book on our own journey as immigrants to the US back in 2016. Hopefully available by summer 2023.

“Little mouse knew fear. He was always afraid of being separated from his parents, he was afraid of his parents getting imprisoned for speaking their minds, he was afraid of him and his family facing starvation and mistreatments. He learned how to live in fear, being afraid can turn a little mouse into an adult one quickly. Little mouse learned to be brave and responsible, so he could face the dangers of the forced exile journey with his mom and dad; still, under the pumpkins and under the yellowish leaves, he became a little mouse again, running and laughing, climbing the fruits, swaying in the vines with joy”.

The Mouse in the Pumpkin-Sara V. Robinson 2022

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Walter is a dog whose curiosity and bravery lead him to jump his backyard fence and leave the only world he’s ever known. He embarks upon an adventure that forces him to question his old life as he faces fear and uncertainty when taken to the dog pound. Walter is innocent and naïve but soon learns how challenging real-life can be. His journey helps him trust and love again when his ancestral connection with humans is revived after meeting his forever family. This story will appeal to animal advocates of all ages as it explores the issues of pet abandonment and responsible ownership.

Walter es un perro cuya curiosidad y valentía lo llevan a saltar la cerca de su patio trasero y abandonar el único mundo que ha conocido. Se embarca en una aventura que lo obliga a cuestionar su antigua vida mientras enfrenta el miedo y la incertidumbre tras ser llevado a la perrera. Walter es inocente e ingenuo, pero pronto descubre lo desafiante que puede ser la vida real. Su viaje lo ayuda a confiar y amar nuevamente cuando su conexión ancestral con los humanos sea revivida al conocer a su amada familia Esta historia es ideal para defensores de los animales de todas las edades, ya que explora los problemas como el abandono y rescate de mascotas.

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