Dueling with Snakes

Leila Wells had not had a great few years, but she knew exactly who to blame for the trouble, Bryan Foster. Now that she and her dark side, the Phoenix had decided his life must end, there was nothing anyone else could do to dissuade her. Fortunately, Lelia was surrounded by people with the same objective, others who had been hurt and beaten down and taunted by Foster, namely Dragunov, the Russian military agent who had saved her life two years ago and shared a similar dark side. As the world’s best fighters made their way toward Panordom for the Rulers of the Realms Fighting Tournament, Lelia, Dragunov, and their friends would have to use every tool in their power to remain focused if they want to fulfill their goal.

Dueling with Snakes, by Jessica Piro, is the third installment in the action-packed Phoenix trilogy. The book follows Lelia on her path to finally getting revenge for the pain and suffering she has suffered at the hands of Foster. Her support group is with her every step of the way, putting themselves at risk for the greater good. Lelia, the Phoenix, and Dragunov, the Dragon, make an imposing team as they enter the fighting tournament, with Lelia having a good deal of notoriety as the winner of the first one. This made for an exciting cast of characters that I enjoyed following.

Author Jessica Piro surrounds Lelia with a wide variety of characters representing a plethora of cultures and personalities, placing them all perfectly within the narrative of the book and crafting a complete world for them to exist in. Since this is the third book in the series, in order to fully enjoy the story I think it is best to read books one and two prior to reading this book. I feel that this book is deserving of five stars due to the groundwork laid in previous novels. Seeing the story and character arcs over the series gives you a much better appreciation for the things that happen in Dueling with Snakes. Since I have read both books, I know there is a lot of history to Lelia that was necessary to the plot, from how she ended up in Russia to her relationships with the other characters, to Foster’s involvement in her life and it made the story supremely enjoyable.

The author provides the reader with just the right amount of backstory without bogging down the pace of the book. The premise is well crafted and exciting, with Piro creating a significant buildup of tension that saw a release in all the right spots. I highly recommend this amazing series to those who enjoy a fast-paced and hard-hitting action.

Pages: 361 | ASIN: B0B2QJ2PR1

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