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David Crane Author Interview

Price of Life follows a hidden race living among humans who, along with human fanatics, come up with a horrific plan for world domination. What were some key aspects that were important for you to explore in this narrative?

Price of Life was initially conceived as an action-adventure story. During its creation, I realized that the richness of the described events, people, places and character motivations made me consider a far broader perspective on things. It became very important for me to explore the issues of immortality and human condition, revelations of the origin of the immortal secret race and dreams and desires of everyone involved, be they individuals or a group. Each participant in the story sees the world as they would like it to be but changing the world for good or bad reasons may not necessarily be the right thing to do. Humans often think that end justifies the means, but not everyone pauses to think how many innocents would suffer for the price of a better future.

What scene in the book was the most emotionally impactful for you to write?

It is a very interesting question. My novel contains many powerful and emotional scenes that touch the souls of both humans and immortals. There are moments of deep introspection, stunning revelations and emotional as well as physical suffering. I believe the most emotionally impactful moment for me was the scene Dina Amulai encounters after her unsuccessful attempt to murder young Adolph Hitler during World War I. Fueled by rage against the visions of the terrible future resulting from his rise to power, she later finds her entire adopted Gypsy clan executed by the Germans who did not spare anyone. Dina later makes another clever attempt to kill Hitler during the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games, but is betrayed at the last moment by a greedy mercenary whom she is forced to kill.

Did the novel develop in any surprising ways as you wrote the story?

Actually, yes it did. Initially, the story involved a singular apocalyptic mass murder plot by the immortal group bent on world domination. Then, at some point during my second draft, I thought about creating a similar group, which includes humans with their own diabolical agenda to change the U.S. politics and take over the United States. The goals and methods of both groups are different, but they interact well in the story. Both secret societies plan to use weapons of mass destruction, which makes them very dangerous for the good guys to handle. Battles of good against evil often demand sacrifices but true heroes are willing to die for what they believe.

You published this novel in 2015. How do you feel your writing has changed since then?

I started writing in 2010, initially working on short stories and ideas for the longer pieces. It took me 5 years of writing and practicing my craft as well as attending numerous writing groups and literary sessions to learn about being a better writer. Since the publication of Price of Life in 2015, seven years have passed, and they were very good seven years. I believe that my writing had improved in terms of quality and deeper analysis of my work. I read a lot of excellent books before I became a writer. They inspired me to put my ideas on paper not to earn fortune and glory but to enjoy the labor of love. I continue to abide by this principle and hope to produce many interesting books for people to enjoy.

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At the dawn of civilization, a prehistoric hunter finds an unusual meteorite that offers him powers of life and death and makes him an immortal. Twelve thousand years later, his descendants, inheriting the gene of immortality, are living in secret among unsuspecting humans. Able to give and take life at will, they struggle for survival across the centuries.

When a group of human fanatics and evil immortals each come with their own horrific plan for world domination, other humans and immortals must join forces to stop them regardless of the cost. At stake is the survival of both races as they prepare to face the greatest challenge of their lives.

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