Christmas Sunrise

Christmas Eve is a magical time for children and adults alike. Hope and excitement fill their hearts and minds as they anxiously wait the morning. This heartwarming picture book has three Christmas Eve memories from different family members. Each story is told from the perspective of a different stage in life, grandparent, mother, and child. Readers feel the excitement and anticipation through the pages as they wait to see Christmas morning arrive. The themes of family and hope shine through each page and give readers that warm fuzzy feeling that this time of year brings out.

Author Dr. Calvin James and illustrator Jordan Pizzuti have created a memorable story in Christmas Sunrise. Dr. James’s storytelling feels like sitting and listening to older relatives share what life was like when they were growing up. That feeling of nostalgia and comfort comes through each little story in this book. The artwork adds character and allows the readers, especially children, to relate to the story and the things that are happening. Children will feel the excitement and inability to sleep on the night before Christmas as they read the pages. They will be transported to that time in their life when they wait for sleep to overtake them so they can wake up in the morning to the joy of Christmas day.

Christmas Sunrise is a beautifully written picture book that encompasses the wonder of the season. The memories of wishing for a white Christmas, the anticipation of falling asleep and waking up Christmas morning, and the joy of being with family on this special day. Three generations are represented in this touching children’s book, and families will love reading it together.

Pages: 24 | ISBN: 173717894X

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