It’s In Their DNA

It’s In Their DNA: What And Why Men And Women Do Not Ask And Do Not Answer is an eye-opening book by Dr. Owen Watson and Dr. Ramona Watson. The intent of this insightful book is to help single people who are looking for a partner or couples to better understand each other and if they are suited for one another.

The book is a compilation of questions and answers that men and women are too afraid to ask their partners or don’t want to give answers to. In order to avoid confusion, both authors explain that the DNA in this book does not stand for deoxyribonucleic acid; it stands for “do not ask” and “do not answer.” And the question topics cover various different parts of everyone’s lives, including their upbringing, financial status and spending preferences, past relationships and intimacy, education, professional profiles, gender, marriage, drinking, and use of substances, as well as questions that consider the relationship directly like how long do the partners see the relationship lasting, monogamy, love, etc.

The authors approach all the topics covered from a psychological, social, and biblical aspect in order to help individuals with their relationships and not waste time on partners that aren’t necessarily suited for them. This is not to say that we should end things at the very first inconvenience but on the contrary. The author points out that we all have those “this is not what I signed up for” moments, but we need to understand that that is precisely what we signed up for, and some characteristics and thoughts come to the surface as time passes. It is important to ask questions that are by nature uncomfortable and carefully observe our partner’s reaction, will they be content, have a change in attitude, or even be transparent, that will set us up for what’s to come.

Considering that the book covers various parts of life, both authors kept all the topics concise and straight to the point. The authors also managed to create a piece of work that is suitable for both the general public and academic researchers as a tool in their work.

I recommend this book to anyone in a relationship or searching for a partner, especially younger people who are so used to change and everything social media serves them and seem to quit on things when it gets complicated and messy. What we can all take away from this book is that when you water and take care of plants, they grow and bloom. It’s the same for people and relationships.

Pages: 172 | ASIN : B0B9R2TDV5

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