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Isabel Ricardo Author Interview

The Last Conspirator follows Captain Gualdim who challenges Spanish power through the streets of Lisbon in the midst revolution. What were some sources that informed this novels development?

I did a lot of historical research and consulted countless books that describe that time period and its events. Apart from Laura, her family and the three knights, all the characters in this book existed in History.

This seemed like a fun book to write. What scene in the book did you have the most fun writing?

There were many scenes in this historical novel that I had a lot of fun writing. Perhaps what amused me the most was chapter 31, in which the main male characters – Pedro, Afonso and Diogo – disguise themselves as friars to go to Saint Jorge’s Castle to free Laura’s uncle who was imprisoned there. I laughed a lot when creating the descriptions and the fun dialogues.

Which character in the book do you feel you relate to the most?

I identify a lot with Laura de Noronha. I loved creating her!

Do you have plans to write more books featuring the characters in this book?

Yes. I am currently writing another historical novel, that succeeds the events of the Revolution of 1640, which involves these characters, as well as a new main character who also existed in History and whose ultimate fate was quite tragic.

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1640. The Spanish dominance over Portugal has been going on for sixty years, but something is different. Murmurs of revolution are in the air. A wind of change whistles in the streets. There’s talk of the enigmatic Captain Gualdim, who challenges the Spanish power through the streets of Lisbon in the midst of plots in the darkness and the Spanish dominion threatens to burst. Duels, ambushes, treachery, and love envelop the three knights who live through all kinds of trouble and the most dangerous and astonishing adventures. At the same time, an audacious masked man arises, ambushing Spanish soldiers and covering in ridicule his greatest enemy, the Minister of Portugal, who does anything and everything to unmask and kill him, suspicious that he is one of the three knights in disguise. The compulsive reading of this historical novel takes us on a journey through time and “lands” us, surprisingly, in the construction of the 1640 Revolution, and allows us to participate in the secret gatherings to overthrow the Spanish government and restore Portugal’s independence. An exciting plot, a dynamic narrative, fascinating characters, and a lot of mystery, suspense, and action. THE LAST CONSPIRATOR will unequivocally enthrall you.

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