Germans – Jews – Holocausts and the Collective Unconscious

In German Jews Holocausts and the Collective Unconscious, Dr. Len Bergantino shares experiences in his life, telling personal stories and giving opinions on various issues in society. The author’s method of storytelling is absorbing and entertaining. He writes from his heart, and writes objectively. When discussing controversial subjects, the author uses realistic examples to give his argument. As a reader, you feel enlightened and intrigued by the author’s thoughts.

One of my favorite parts of the book was when the author discusses his background. I enjoyed reading about his professional life, family life and social life. His familiarity about different sectors and situations in life is laudable. German Jews Holocausts and the Collective Unconscious is for readers who are ready to expand their worldview. Dr. Len Bergantino addresses topics that may be considered taboo, and freely shares his views. The author sets precedence from the beginning of the book, and never loses track with the tone that he applies.

Every chapter is distinct, and the message being passed by the author is fascinating and edifying. Dr. Len Bergantino ensures that his readers get the full picture of things as he delves into each topic. The chapter on non Germans and German Americans was exceptionally enlightening to me. In this chapter, the author compares modern Germans to Germans in the past, drawing comparisons and telling their differences. I learned that German Americans are a distinct group and, despite sharing heritage with Germans in Germany, they have peculiar mannerisms. The author also discuses Nazi history and the impact the holocaust has had on both German and Jews over the years. This chapter was especially enlightening because the author did not write what mainstream media reports. His discussions were genuine and involved real people he has met and interacted with.

History lovers will enjoy German Jews Holocausts and the Collective Unconscious because of the many historical events Dr. Len Bergantino covers. Topics that revolved around North American policies, current events, European policies, the impact of war, media, and political alienations were my favorite. There is no defined method that the author uses when introducing new topics, which makes the book interesting to read. The author blends in a new story while narrating another story. He fuses two stories together, ensuring readers are engaged and always thinking about the information being shared. German Jews Holocausts and the Collective Unconscious discusses the realities that not many are aware of.

Pages: 264 | ASIN: B084KQ8FWZ

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