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Giuseppe Scarpine Author Interview

The Dog Who Wanted to be a Bird follows the incredibly tragic life of Dog, who desperately wanted to be free to experience life. What was the inspiration for this fable?

In all walks of life, there is a tremendous drive to have unlimited choices in which direction one may choose. Humankind and the animal kingdom all strive for this freedom of choice to direct their own respective lives. The character of ‘Dog’ was a simple choice due to the fact that man and their canine companions are presently carrying on with thousands of years of evolution together; a symbiosis. Canines -evolved from wolves- have been able to develop a deep understanding of human behavior through millennia of observations and trained behavior. Likewise humankind has utilized this relationship as a form of protection and companionship that has proven beneficial mutually.

The Corvids (Crow, Jay & Magpie); having a higher intelligence than canines, coupled with tool making capability are far less understood due to the lack of symbiosis that canines experience. Ornithologists and the science community are researching these brainy-box birds presently, with rather incredible outcomes.

What were the morals you were trying to capture while creating your characters?

The barter system is an antiquated method of the past. The conundrum facing Dog and her feathered friends was the concept of small rectangular pieces of paper ($money) that humankind uses to purchase objects such as automobiles, food and all types of material wealth. This puzzle (Capitalism) was finally solved by Crow as he explains to Dog-

“We see that these small papers are just a symbol of power. More paper equals more power. Men seek other likeminded men who also possess lots of paper. These become men of power. These men of power make the rules for the nation of their kind. The people with fewer or no pieces of paper are much more numerous by far, and they suffer as a consequence.”

ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.) These are a couple of the multitude of organizations that protect animal rights. Many abuses exist worldwide that are too horrible to list here. On the other hand, as many of us have observed, there are pets who receive preferential treatment from doting owners who lavish top veterinary care, premium food and living conditions that surpasses at times that of many of their human companions. This is a reality.

The Corvids insight into how the original occupiers in North America, who moved into their pristine wilderness were much more respectful of their precious water, land and resources. Especially their reverence to all animal life. The new European usurpers who traveled across the great sea were witnessed exhausting the land of its wealth and wildlife. This sad truth exists to this day.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

For some satire may be a hard concept to grasp. The themes to this novelette include friendship, religion, racism and faith expressed through the art of storytelling.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?


This novel (Dramatic Comedy), displays the life of a curmudgeonly ol’ geezer residing in a trailer park, who is not exactly who he seems to be…?

This novelette – The Dog Who Wanted To Be A Bird, is a satirical animal fable. The story touches on topics such as seen through the lens of Dog and her three avian friends (Crow, Jay and Magpie). Native American lore, capitalism and religion are a few subjects that illuminate the human condition. In the spirit of Storytelling, it paints the picture of Dog- a puppy mill Labrador retreiver runt. She is purchased by an abusive owner who does not make the effort to give her a name, so she is just called Dog.

Dog’s new life is spent in isolation in a remote area. Dog’s only interaction in her bitter, lonely existence is with three members of the Corvid family; Crow, Jay and Magpie whom she befriends. Through oral history the birds educate Dog on mankind’s advent into the New World, describing how the indigenous occupiers were eventually usurped by the invasion of another, new, two legged species from across the great sea. Dog eventually becomes enlightened to the political intrigue, rivalry and jealousies that exist between her feathered friends who are related to one another.

Dog and her friends of flight weave a story of their insights and observations into the species human, on co-existence, faith and the essence of life.

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  1. I’d love to read The Dog Who Wanted To Be A Bird. I need a paper copy and I live in Canada. I don’t have kindle but I do have something called Libby with my Public library who sends books to my IPad. Many thanks!

  2. Schlomo glickstein

    You can log in to ,then type in kindle app. It’s free. Then you can read it on your smart phone or computer/laptop.

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