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Through Which Door Love May Enter

Giuseppe Scarpine Author Interview

Second Chance – The Adventures of Gianni & Pepina follows a retired doctor who moves to south France to start over and meets a woman who renews his faith in love and laughter. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

There are so many scenarios in this world regarding the loss of a loved one; sickness, accident, suicide and war just to name a few. As a result, a partner may lose faith and have no hope for the future. That was my vision for this story – a retired doctor (Dr. Gianni Pisano) who lost all hope from his young wife committing suicide. He surrenders, never finding love again. He retreats to the south of France in retirement, losing himself to alcohol and drugs.

One never knows through what door love may enter. After decades, through a mystical encounter with a curious bird and a mutual love of gardening, Gianni breaks through his isolation, running into an enchanting woman who has captured his imagination. No spoilers!

What was the inspiration for the relationship that develops between the characters?

A good healthy sense of humor is a mandatory prerequisite for a successful relationship. Gianni and Pepina display this in abundance. Their escapades throughout Catalonia, France and the New World (aka Alaska and Southern California) are full of sharp wit, laughter and the joy of life. Everybody deserves a Second Chance!

In today’s modern world of social media, with people meeting and greeting in a peculiar/sterile way, it was appealing to create a relationship that happens spontaneously… with the help of nature, of course.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Being a virgin until a certain age is generally a personal choice. Also, it is not uncommon for a person to not have intimate relations with another person until later in life. This was the situation with Pepina Soler; she dedicated most of her life as the sole care giver for her father who was a rather prolific man during the Franco regime in Spain. All her siblings never lifted a finger to help. For her to find love, later in life, with a caring understanding man was an integral part of this romance.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?


(Dramatic Comedy)

The life of a curmudgeonly ol’ geezer banished to a trailer park, who is not exactly who he seems to be…?

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Meet Dr. Gianni Pisano at the beginning of what promised to be an illustrious medical career. Everything was going his way; Emily, his beautiful young Scottish wife, the beginnings of a family with a fine home on the west coast. Then, one day, he finds his love has committed suicide. Decades follow Gianni sealing himself off from society, stumbling through his medical practice while abusing himself with all forms of pharmaceuticals and alcohol. Eventually, he retires to a hermits life in Europe never again to have a relationship with another woman. Mystically, while tending to his passion of growing and grafting fruit trees, he meets Pepina Soler, a beguiling Catalonian woman who helps him overcome some bad habits as they embark on a whimsical and comedic journey of cooking, gardening, hiking and travelling around the world.

Incredible Outcomes

Giuseppe Scarpine Author Interview

The Dog Who Wanted to be a Bird follows the incredibly tragic life of Dog, who desperately wanted to be free to experience life. What was the inspiration for this fable?

In all walks of life, there is a tremendous drive to have unlimited choices in which direction one may choose. Humankind and the animal kingdom all strive for this freedom of choice to direct their own respective lives. The character of ‘Dog’ was a simple choice due to the fact that man and their canine companions are presently carrying on with thousands of years of evolution together; a symbiosis. Canines -evolved from wolves- have been able to develop a deep understanding of human behavior through millennia of observations and trained behavior. Likewise humankind has utilized this relationship as a form of protection and companionship that has proven beneficial mutually.

The Corvids (Crow, Jay & Magpie); having a higher intelligence than canines, coupled with tool making capability are far less understood due to the lack of symbiosis that canines experience. Ornithologists and the science community are researching these brainy-box birds presently, with rather incredible outcomes.

What were the morals you were trying to capture while creating your characters?

The barter system is an antiquated method of the past. The conundrum facing Dog and her feathered friends was the concept of small rectangular pieces of paper ($money) that humankind uses to purchase objects such as automobiles, food and all types of material wealth. This puzzle (Capitalism) was finally solved by Crow as he explains to Dog-

“We see that these small papers are just a symbol of power. More paper equals more power. Men seek other likeminded men who also possess lots of paper. These become men of power. These men of power make the rules for the nation of their kind. The people with fewer or no pieces of paper are much more numerous by far, and they suffer as a consequence.”

ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.) These are a couple of the multitude of organizations that protect animal rights. Many abuses exist worldwide that are too horrible to list here. On the other hand, as many of us have observed, there are pets who receive preferential treatment from doting owners who lavish top veterinary care, premium food and living conditions that surpasses at times that of many of their human companions. This is a reality.

The Corvids insight into how the original occupiers in North America, who moved into their pristine wilderness were much more respectful of their precious water, land and resources. Especially their reverence to all animal life. The new European usurpers who traveled across the great sea were witnessed exhausting the land of its wealth and wildlife. This sad truth exists to this day.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

For some satire may be a hard concept to grasp. The themes to this novelette include friendship, religion, racism and faith expressed through the art of storytelling.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?


This novel (Dramatic Comedy), displays the life of a curmudgeonly ol’ geezer residing in a trailer park, who is not exactly who he seems to be…?

This novelette – The Dog Who Wanted To Be A Bird, is a satirical animal fable. The story touches on topics such as seen through the lens of Dog and her three avian friends (Crow, Jay and Magpie). Native American lore, capitalism and religion are a few subjects that illuminate the human condition. In the spirit of Storytelling, it paints the picture of Dog- a puppy mill Labrador retreiver runt. She is purchased by an abusive owner who does not make the effort to give her a name, so she is just called Dog.

Dog’s new life is spent in isolation in a remote area. Dog’s only interaction in her bitter, lonely existence is with three members of the Corvid family; Crow, Jay and Magpie whom she befriends. Through oral history the birds educate Dog on mankind’s advent into the New World, describing how the indigenous occupiers were eventually usurped by the invasion of another, new, two legged species from across the great sea. Dog eventually becomes enlightened to the political intrigue, rivalry and jealousies that exist between her feathered friends who are related to one another.

Dog and her friends of flight weave a story of their insights and observations into the species human, on co-existence, faith and the essence of life.

Second Chance -The Adventures of Gianni & Pepina

Dr. Gianni Pisano, a once up-and-coming medical doctor, finds himself in South France years later, succumbing to his vices. Embracing a life full of drugs and alcohol, he is adamant in making sure that his troubles are always out of his mind, particularly his wife’s tragic death a few years past. During his isolation, he meets Pepina Soler, a Catalonian woman that may just be his saving grace. As the two bond over what the south of France has to offer — food, nature, and art — they also learn a thing or two about life, love, and the second chances they offer.

Second Chance – The Adventures of Gianni & Pepina, by Giuseppe Scarpine, is a captivating story that will leave you longing for a summer getaway in rural France, all while contemplating universal questions we have asked ourselves for a long time. Combined with humorous lines and scenes here and there, this book keeps the feeling of its readers light as they look forward to the two characters’ next adventures in the coming pages.

For a person living in the city, a book set in an entirely different place was something I eagerly welcomed, and the author’s detailed explanation of the surroundings helped build my imagination. In a way, South France’s comfort to its citizens and tourists extended to its audience. Furthermore, the large number of characters was given an equal place in the story, for each contributed in one way or another. While some scenes are more memorable than others, the flow of the story made sense in such a way that despite the beauty and comedy of the book, its thought-provoking aspects will surely leave a reader’s mind creating questions and answers simultaneously. By the end of the story, not everything was answered, opening the events up for another book, but it still felt as if the events had a full-circle moment, leaving me with a smile on my face as I finally turned the last page.

This is highly recommended for anyone interested in reading about soul searching, travel, and lifestyle. The comedic approach will also serve as a great pull to potential readers since reading books about the said categories can sometimes be too focused on giving tips and advice. Second Chance – The Adventures of Gianni & Pepina can also be read by those in their 50s or older, for the characters will resonate with them and might give these readers inspiration to take on new adventures without the hindrance of age.

Pages: 264 | ASIN : B09952D5FJ

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The Dog Who Wanted to be a Bird

The Dog Who Wanted to be a Bird is a creative work of fiction in the form of a satirical beast fable. Written by Giuseppe Scarpine, this fable follows the incredibly tragic life of Dog, who desperately wanted to be free to experience life. The story opens seen through the lens of Dog, who is the runt of her litter. She is instinctively aware of her relationships with her mother and siblings and the dynamics that come with that knowledge. She is purchased by her owner and taken home. As time progresses, we see the deterioration of not just Dog’s environment but also her physical well-being.

Dog’s unrelenting hope literally kept me as a reader not only intrigued by the idea of her being able to forgive, in a sense, her owner’s neglect but that being the driving force of her living another day. She clings to the idea that her owner will one day express the temporary kindness she once showed Dog in the past. Dog is extremely lonely, but she is not without friends. She has befriended three different birds with varying personalities and perspectives on the world outside of Dog’s desolate backyard. They frequently visit her to clue her in on society’s workings and how humans choose to treat canines as well as the world they live in.

The author does an interesting job of including lots of societal aspects in this story. It includes animal rights in quite an abundance and hits emotionally on every page. As the reader, I couldn’t help but want to reach into the story and just bear hug Dog and steal her away from that backyard, mostly due to the author’s incredible visceral writing skills. Other topics such as history, racism, faith, and friendship also play integral roles in the telling of Dog’s story through her lens. I found Dog’s perspective to be so in line with how I would imagine a canine’s mind would work. The dialogue just worked for me, and the writing made the story easy to follow and made this chapter book a fast read. Definitely a fascinating read.

The Dog Who Wanted to be a Bird is a fascinating fable surrounding the life of Dog. Touching on many sensitive topics, this novelette will leave readers with much to think about and look at in their own lives. As fables do, this story will also teach a lesson that readers can hold onto long after they have finished this thought-provoking tale.

Pages: 40 | ISBN: 978-0-578-91525

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