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Preethi Saravanakumar Author Interview

Pearls of My Mind sends readers on a self-reflective journey and helps them understand the connection between colors and emotions. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Sometime, in December, I had a thought about writing a nonfiction book. Prose writing has never been my forte. Still, I felt I needed to say a lot of things. My understandings about various subject matters, beliefs, and my knowledge that I have acquired all my life through seeing, reading or listening. I knew the book would be about life, emotions and reflection. This was an important book to write because I believe we are never perfect; we are flawed, but we learn and move forward. There’s no exception! There are several spiritual books that teach that a spiritual journey is ascending higher like climbing a ladder. I strongly feel our personal spiritual journey is iterative. You come back to learn a lesson repeatedly until you master it. Or more likely you might not master it at all! That does not mean you do not rise. You still learn other lessons. And you grow as a person.

My first poetry book is titled, “Words from Heart”. My recent poetry book is titled, “Scribblings of My Soul”. So, I instantly knew this book should have “Mind” in the title. After a few title options, I loved the sound of “Pearls of My Mind”! Since the book would be a combination of my thoughts and wisdom, the title really felt apt. That’s how I decided on the book’s title. Next, was the book cover. Yes, even before writing the book I got the book cover done! Crazy, isn’t?! Who knows if you’d start the book, write it or finish it! Still, I did not want to forget the clear vision I had about the book cover. I knew the cover would be an underwater scene, with a glowing pearl inside a mollusk. And I knew that water would be beautiful Teal green and blue. I shared a hand-drawn picture with my artist, @juhd. Within a week she showed me the first look, color palette and pearl paintings. And our book cover was ready. So, I had the cover done even before I wrote the actual book! Now, I had to think about the book outline, the table of contents. Since the title says, “A Rainbow of Thoughts”, I knew I could use Colors to organize my thoughts. Then, it occurred to me that pearls come in colors too, just like chakras and emotions. That’s it! I had my theme ready.

How did you come up with the distinctions between Spiritual Newbie, Seeker, and Sage, and why is this important for readers to understand?

I knew I had to use an example throughout the book to show different perspectives of people in different levels of their spiritual journey. I always consider myself as a newbie in spiritual aspect. I loved the term Spiritual Newbie for a beginner; a person who is just staring to realize his purpose of life. Then I thought the other two levels should be “S” words as well, to make reading interesting. As these three examples would be in every chapter of the book. Seeker, as the name suggests is open to information and perspectives. So, I chose this to be our intermediate example, a person who is actively seeking to change and grow. The third name is equivalent to expert, who knows how to control emotions and stay content.

This is how these three terms are defined in the book.

“Let’s say a Spiritual Newbie is a beginner operating only from his/ her lower emotions. This is not a sin; it is a phase of growth. Everybody starts here; we are all placed in this spot when we are born. As we grow, we change and move spots.”

“Seeker is the next level of growth, where he or she processes emotions before reacting. In an attempt to seek possibilities and personal growth, he searches for information.”

“Sage is the next level, where he or she has learnt everything that needs to be learned, has contemplated and asked questions. He has reached a stage of equilibrium, where he knows to weigh consequences and he chooses to be in higher emotional spaces.”

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

I believe, we move up and down depending on our emotions as in a thermometer, like Mercury moves up and down depending on the external temperatures. It doesn’t make sense to try fighting the external temperature (external factors affecting our emotions).  Likewise, we move horizontally switching positions between the three “S”s, a Spiritual Newbie, a Seeker or A Sage. I have a few diagrams in the book depicting my examples like these.

Picture Thermometer vs. Emotions– Shows how we move constantly up and down, depending on the emotions we experience, until we reach the optimum level of mental strength.

Picture Horizontal Movement– Shows how we move from role to role depending on our emotions.

Picture Positive/ Negative Emotions & Chakras– Demonstrates how there is an anchoring emotion that we can use to move to a higher frequency emotion.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I want the readers to be kind to themselves. There is no race, there’s no right or wrong. I want the readers to become more alert to and aware of their behavior and thought patterns. Are they low and dark, or elevated and inspired? Just this awareness and acknowledgement would trigger the path of self-discovery. We do not know why some things happened or what will happen the next minute. We have limited control over life. What we do know is that we exist and feel, here and now! We know that we experience pleasure and pain. So just be! Just live the moment!

I have “Song of Pearls” and “Pearly Affirmations” at the end of the book, dedicated to the readers. I hope these help readers. Thank you for reading!

Song of Pearls

Oh, Red Pearls!
Thou brilliant color and shine,
Thou piercing power of pride!
Thou scarlet pigments precise,
I bow to embody thine!
I bow to embody thine!

Oh, Orange Pearls!

Thy tranquil tangerine hue,
Thy nurturing neutral embrace,
Thy clear crystalline cheer aglow,
I shan’t ignore, but pursue!
I shan’t ignore, but pursue!

Oh, Yellow Pearls!

Thou scorching or soothing rays,
Thou fiery and feisty ways,
Thou stirring warm chi that displays,
Guiding. me to walk my unique path,
I blissfully follow thine!
I blissfully follow thine!

Oh, Green pearls!

Thy viridescent hues vibrantly beam,
Thy calming cues of peace and love!
Thy vows of growth from seeds anew,
Thy lessons of love to healing hope,
I shan’t omit, but redeem now!
I shan’t omit, but redeem now!

Oh, Blue Pearls!

Thou striking sheen serenity,
Thou soulful sovereignty,
Thou innate reigning aura,
I precisely cherish thine!
I precisely cherish thine!

Oh! Indigo Pearls!

Thy insightful rays sovereignly shine,
Thy golden glory affectionately divine,
Thy nurturing embrace neutrally align,
I blissfully confine, in thine!
I blissfully confine, in thine!

Oh! Violet Pearls!

Thou strikingly clean vibes of calm,
Thou soothingly raw rays of cheer,
Thou magically mystic layers of care,
I trust and allow thy charm!
I trust and allow thy charm!

Oh, Rainbow Pearls!

Thy vivid prismatic hues,
Thy pure poised wisdom,
Thy bold mighty endurance,
I majestically manifest thy cues!
I majestically manifest thy cues!

Pearly Affirmations

I exist now!

I trust myself!

I am all!

All is love!

Truth is now!

I know all!

I allow!

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Are you a Spiritual Newbie?
Are you a Seeker?
Or are you a Sage today?

Let’s find out as we go on a self-reflective journey of pearl harvesting. Pearls Of My Mind, is a book that houses my rainbow thoughts. As each of seven colored pearls brings simple wisdom, dazzling jewelry is cautiously strung.

* Winner of 2022 International Impact Book Award.
* Winner of 2022 Firebird Book Award.

This book deals with the connection between colors and emotions and their relationship to the Chakras. Pearls are rightly synonymous to purity, clarity, and longevity. They are wisdom in the true sense! What better example to teach us the essential lessons of patience and perseverance? So, I chose pearls to be our guide and the three S’s to be our models! At the end, every chapter has a short poem, a mantra and a few journal style pages with questions for you to answer. I humbly invite you on a journey of self-discovery!

Oh, Rainbow Pearls!
Thy vivid prismatic hues,
Thy pure poised wisdom,
Thy bold mighty endurance,
I majestically manifest thy cues!
I majestically manifest thy cues!

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