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Pearls of My Mind: A Rainbow of Thoughts – Book Trailer

Are you a Spiritual Newbie?
Are you a Seeker?
Or are you a Sage today?

Let’s find out as we go on a self-reflective journey of pearl harvesting. Pearls Of My Mind, is a book that houses my rainbow thoughts. As each of seven colored pearls brings simple wisdom, dazzling jewelry is cautiously stringed.

This book deals with the connection between colors and emotions and their relationship to the Chakras. Pearls are rightly synonymous to purity, clarity, and longevity. They are wisdom in the true sense! What better example to teach us the essential lessons of patience and perseverance? So, I chose pearls to be our guide and the three S’s to be our models! At the end, every chapter has a short poem, a mantra and a few journal style pages with questions for you to answer. I humbly invite you on a journey of self-discovery!

Oh, Rainbow Pearls!
Thy vivid prismatic hues,
Thy pure poised wisdom,
Thy bold mighty endurance,
I majestically manifest thy cues!
I majestically manifest thy cues!

Industry Reviews:
“Whereas many spiritual writers speak of ascending from one spiritual stage to another as if on a staircase of achievements, Saravanakumar’s concept of roles is more forgiving than that: “We keep changing roles as our emotions move from lower frequencies to higher,” she explains. Even the most reactionary of us experience moments of Sage-ness: “In fact, everybody touches this space and leaves every day. It may be for a second or a minute.” And even Sages “must endure the lower spectrum of emotions, not giving in to the negative thoughts.” According to Saravanakumar, it’s all about balance — and tipping that balance in favor of the positive.”~ BookTrib

Beautiful, Complex, and Transformative

Preethi Saravanakumar Author Interview

Scribblings of my Soul is a unique collection of poetry focused around the number nine. What was the inspiration for this concept?

I write poetry on my Instagram poetry page. Over a year there were about 90 poems, so I decided to make them into a book. Just like I did in 2011 with my first poetry book, and in 2017 with my second poetry ebook. Back then, I used to write on website. Once I had about 150 poems I compiled them.

When I had decided to compile Scribblings Of My Soul, I knew I would have few sections and I would have a certain number of poem under each of them. When I thought of 5 it seemed too less because I had too many poems. Then I found the significance of number 9 and decided to go with that number. My poems have a similar feel and style throughout, as I read through thinking about sections I saw recurring words that popped up. I wrote down the words and selected the most relevant ones. Also, I knew I would have an art as a section header. Then approached the artist and got the 9 artworks done. I was clear about the book cover as well, I asked for a rainbow peacock. In all, the compilation process happened in a couple of days and within a few weeks the book was ready to be uploaded.

How did you come up with the title for your book?

This is an interesting question. As soon as I decided to compile the book, the first thing was the title that I had to think of. It wasn’t hard, my first book is Words From Heart. So I thought I could use “soul”. When I was thinking about the possibilities I got this title, Scribblings Of My Soul. It felt very apt!

The art in this book is fantastic. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Juliana Duclos?

Thank you for asking this question! Juliana is amazingly talented. I found her on an artist platform. I told her about the concept and gave her 9 section titles with the micro-poem headers for each section. I also gave her the manuscript to read, I wanted Juliana to know the book before working. She quickly understood my requirements. After exchanging a few reference pictures we decided we would do dreamy style artworks. The first artwork she gave, instantly won my heart! I loved how the artwork had a Sunflower. Sunflower to me, is happiness, brightness and hope. I told her to use sunflowers in all the artworks to tie everything together. She loved the idea too. After finishing 9 artworks, we decided on a cover. Like I told I asked for a rainbow peacock. Why peacock? Because peacock is beautiful, complex and transformative! Much like the number nine and the poetry book. This book might affect every individual in different levels. The words may seem simple to some, or complex to some. It would resonate with each one differently. Like when we see a peacock, the first thing anyone would see is it’s beauty. Though the peacock has such complex and intricate designs or layers!

Juliana is a very professional artist, she knows to get what the client wants. She delivers great work that exceeds all expectations! I loved working with her. She has illustrated my Children’s Picture book in the past. She is designing my forthcoming book’s cover art as well.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am currently working on a nonfiction book, Pearls Of My Mind. The book would take the readers on a self-reflective journey. It’s a book that houses my opinions and thoughts. Readers may or may not agree with all of them, but the book would definitely make them think and revisit their life’s actions and beliefs. Pearls of My Mind, is a positive book that shares perspectives.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Scribblings Of My Soul, is a poetry compilation of 9 Words, 9 Sections, 9 Emotions, 9 Poems and 9 Artworks. SMILE with all your HEART gathering STRENGTH from LIFE, shedding any lingering PAIN to learn the TRUTH of LOVE and HOPE, walking towards the LIGHT.

Scribblings of My Soul

Scribblings of my Soul is a poetry collection by Preethi Saravankumar that consists of nine different themes. Each theme comes from a word in the sentence:  

“SMILE with all your HEART gathering STRENGTH from LIFE, shedding any lingering PAIN to learn the TRUTH of LOVE and HOPE, walking towards the LIGHT.”

The entire book follows the number nine, with nine themes, nine poems, nine artworks, and nine different emotions. “Nine represents completion but not the end. It represents the end of one cycle as well as the transition”, the poet explains her choice of the number nine in the foreword.

The book is beautifully arranged with the right mix of text and monotone artwork by Juliana Duclos. It’s not just a compilation of beautiful, inspiring, and sincere poetry but also a total treat to the eye. The selection of the nine themes is different yet interlinked by a common thread, as depicted in the sentence above. There are more subtle connections within the poems as well. The poet establishes unique structures within her poetry, which one can find repeated across the book. For instance, the repetitive structure found in the poem “Mothers and Sons”

Let him walk his own path……

Let him breathe as much he’d like..….

Let him make his own decisions…..

It is again found in “In the End, it was All a Lie”

When you said, “I love you”…..

When you said, “ I miss you”…..

When you said,” I am there for you”…..

When you said, “My life is for you”…..

This familiarity of structure is almost comforting and many such similar but unique structures give this collection of poems a common link yet allow it to be diverse. The poems have logic leading to clever insight, simple imagery of nature, and an expression of human connection and emotion.

Scribblings of my Soul is a profound collection of poetry that will speak to people at all stages of their life. These poems touch on philosophy and emotions, the themes of nature and self-love all combine to create a unique reading experience.

Pages: 160 | ISBN : 1088001998

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