He Then Spun A Tale Of Hidden Gold

Mike Torreano Author Interview

White Sands Gold revolves around treasure, an ancient relic, and a mysterious group of guardians. What was the inspiration for the original and fascinating idea at the center of the book?

Inspiration came from a conversation with a friend of mine, who said, “I’ve got the idea for your next book.” He then spun a tale of hidden gold—thousands and thousands of bars underneath a mountain north of Las Cruces, New Mexico. He’d been exploring the area for years.

Me: “How’d this gold supposedly get there?”

Him: “No one knows for sure, but there are several different theories.”

Me: “When was this supposed to have happened?”

Him: “No one knows that, either, but legend says the gold’s been there a long time.”

Me: “How come no one’s found it?”

Him: “Folklore says someone did, and that fella brought some of the bars up in the 1930s. But he met an…untimely…death. No one’s seen anything since.”

Me: “Who shot him and why?”

Him: “Good question.”

So I went home and did an online search. When page after page about the fabled treasure popped up, I added a few twists, like a mysterious religious relic that’s also been there for centuries, conjured up a shadowy group of guardians, crafted some of my favorite characters, and had my next western mystery, White Sands Gold, set in New Mexico Territory, 1890. The novel has won three awards to date.

Why choose this place and time for the setting of the story?

The legend of gold bars revolves around Victorio Peak, north of Las Cruces. And I always set my western mysteries in late 19th Century America, a time in our history that fascinates me.

What kind of research did you do for this novel to ensure you captured the essence of the story’s theme?

That was some of the most fun. There are so many references to this legend online, and I enjoyed picking my way through them. I also visited the area to get an idea of what the land looked like. The land would not support ranching today, but 150 years ago it was fertile enough that it supported herds of cattle.

Looks like the legend may never be solved, either, as the Army has expanded White Sands Missile Range to include Victorio, so today’s would-be treasure hunters will have to try to dodge the Government.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My editor at The Wild Rose Press has my next story now. Fireflies at Dusk, my first non-western, is a coming-of-age tale about a young man’s struggles, set just prior to and during the Civil War. A budding romance and a pacifist thread add compelling twists.

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New Mexico Territory, 1890

In a hidden cavern, a treasure trove of gold sits alongside an ancient relic.

To find her treasure-hunting brother, Lottie Durham enlists the help of an easygoing lawman. When a mysterious woman known only as Ma asks her to join the relic’s guardians, Lottie’s world spins. Should she take on this solemn obligation?

Twill, leader of the mysterious guardians, has sworn a vow to protect the centuries-old religious relic. Regrets bedevil him and his dedication to his oath is repeatedly tested. If he breaks his promise, he’ll fail Ma, the one person he’s never wanted to let down.

Will a looming raid by a band of determined killers be the end of the guardians, the gold, and the relic?

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  1. What a teaser this is short interview proves to be, Mike! Will have to make time to sit – uninterrupted! – to see how this story unfolds!


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