The Adventures of Cathy the Catfish and Sammy the Swan

Cathy, the Catfish, is an energetic and friendly fish. She enjoys swimming around her pond and meeting new animals. One day she met Sammy the Swan, and they became instant best friends. They would spend hours every day playing and splashing around their pond home. Then, one day while playing, Cathy disappeared. Sammy didn’t know what had happened to her at first, but soon he saw her on the end of a fishing line. What would Sammy do without his best fish friend?

The Adventures of Cathy the Catfish and Sammy the Swan by Adam Houchins is a heartwarming picture book about friendship. The illustrations are cheerful and expressive. Children unable to read yet can follow the story of Cathy and Sammy without having to read the words. This makes it an excellent storybook for quiet reading time and beginning readers in preschool.

Adam Houchins has shared an important message about friendship and kindness in this short children’s book. He shows how people can still form friendships even when they are different. The fisherman shows great compassion by setting Cathy free. When Sammy realizes how much Cathy means to him, children can reflect on their friendships and develop a greater appreciation for their friends because they never know when something can change.

The Adventures of Cathy the Catfish and Sammy the Swan is a touching children’s book that will leave readers with a smile. This picture book would make an excellent addition to a home or school reading shelf and can generate wonderful discussions with children on how to treat others.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B0B7KGLG6K

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