In His Hands

In the book, In His Hands: A Spiritual Journey, Olie K. Teeter Jr. takes the reader on his spiritual journey, discussing various aspects of religion, sharing lessons, and demonstrating how faithful God has been. This book is written in a clear-cut manner, in that as much as it feels religious; the reader is able to see the human aspect of it all. Olie K. Teeter Jr. starts the book by introducing himself to the reader. He writes of where he comes from, his parents, friends, and acquaintances he has made throughout the year. This part of the book is a favorite because the author intentionally created a bond with his audience. By telling his background story, the author makes the reader connect better with his discussions and even feel like they can relate to certain issues.

Olie K. Teeter writes with zeal, love, and genuineness. The author’s authenticity is visible throughout his narration, and one can point out the objectivity in his writing with ease. In His Hands: A Spiritual Journey is a straightforward book to read. Apart from the division of the book into two major parts, the author added an appeal to the book by arranging the chapters into categories that discussed God and his divinity and those that had discussions on the author’s personal experiences and of others. The first chapters in part 1 of the book taught me about my personal relationship with God, while most of the chapters in part 2 of the book made me reflect on life and my spiritual journey.

Part II of the book was meant for anyone trying to find themselves in their spiritual journey. The teachings shared, his style of sharing the word of God, and the multiple real-life examples of how God’s work manifested in his life that the author wrote about are enough reasons to enjoy this book. In this section, the author touches on topics like deception, power, love, holiness, and the church. I thoroughly enjoyed the bible teachings and the scriptures that the author shared in this part of the book. If you want to learn your bible well, then you need to look at what Olie K. Teeter Jr. writes in this chapter. Everything imperative from the Old Testament to the New Testament is discussed with precision, and the reader fully comprehends the holy book. 

As a reader, I found discussions on the silent voice of God, prophecy, prayers, ministry, and the Holy Spirit to be eye-opening. Olie K. Teeter Jr. was insightful in each of these topics, giving comprehensive explanations and throwing in personal tales when he wants to drive the point home. Reading about his encounters was both fascinating and inspiring. The best thing about Olie K. Teeter Jr’s writing is that his stories easily flow. His storytelling skills are astounding, and the author understands how to fuse more than one story without losing the reader.

Pages: 186 | ASIN : B08P8482VZ

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