Symbiotech: An Eerden Novel

It just seems like the band cannot catch a break. No matter how far they run or how well they hide, their nemesis always manages to catch up with them. This time, the relentless Cosmin is holding Kai’s mother and Ellinor’s parents hostage. All it would take to secure their release is the delivery of the precious Fiss, an incredibly powerful magical creature that shares a unique bond with Ellinor. Bent on securing the release of the hostages and hopefully putting a permanent end to the feud with Cosmin, Ellinor, Kai, Jelani, Izza, Oihana and Fiss set out on a dangerous mission with plenty of twists and turns.

Author C.E. Clayton returns with Symbiotech, the third book in the epic Ellinor series and boy does it deliver the trademark thrills of the Ellinor Rask-focused stories in truckloads! Action-packed, pulsating, and gripping, this chunky fantasy novel delights from start to finish.

Although Symbiotech is a long read, you would likely not mind as it’s a real page-turner that unravels in a world filled with alluring magic and exciting tech. It also helps that Clayton sets the stakes high early on and teases what to expect throughout the journey right out of the gate.

Clayton’s writing is sharp and has gotten better over the series. She knows how to build anticipation where necessary, and where she has to, she drops a shocker out of nowhere that produces that priceless jarring effect only great writing can generate. Throw in the emotional rollercoaster she effortlessly takes you on and you would be right to describe Symbiotech as a genuinely immersive experience. The writing style is straightforward and descriptive, nothing superfluous or extravagant. Instead, Clayton is precise and detailed, ensuring she paints as vivid a picture as possible. She also ensures that each character’s unique voice shines through, which makes them memorable and hard to say bye to. The world development is also impressive. It’s compelling and supports the story in a way that delivers an intriguing and cohesive narrative.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Symbiotech, and I’m grateful that Clayton served a full-course meal with the concluding part of the trilogy. Long time fans of this epic science fiction series will come away feeling satisfied.

Pages: 527 | ASIN: B0BKC2MXNR

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