Ethan’s Abby: A Trilogy

Ambushed by bandits on the road west, Abigail Tate saw her entire world change in an instant. With her entire family murdered and herself kept alive only for others’ pleasure, it was nothing short of a miracle that saw her freed from her captivity by the infamous outlaw Ethan Wood. Despite her ignorance of his notoriety and his apparent lack of necessity for her, the two end up on the road together, embarking on a wild goose chase for Abby’s little sister, who she believes somehow survived the massacre. As the days pass and their bond becomes deeper, Ethan and Abby find themselves in a relationship that defies all odds. Facing an array of obstacles as their lives evolve, they learn to adapt to whatever comes their way, most frequently the constant threat of the law in light of Ethan’s lawless past. 

Ethan’s Abby is a trio of books by Elizabeth Fackler, setting the scene for a sweeping western romance epic that provides no shortage of danger, intrigue, and, of course, star-crossed lovers of all kinds. The first third, “Off Across the Plains,” not only has all the hallmarks of a traditional romance but also adds an interesting mystery angle with the other story of Abby’s missing sister. “Orphan’s Wharf” is the second installment and really establishes both Ethan and Abby’s life together, as well as Abby’s reluctant independence. By the third portion, “By the Hands of Men,” Fackler seems to have wavered in her focus, introducing more characters and storylines than necessary but still focusing on the lives of those already established.

“Ethan’s Abby” travels all over the old west of the late 1800s and provides a glimpse of the history of the time. Discussions of states versus territories, law enforcement jurisdictions, and even what was considered within the laws at the time are all crucial parts of the plot development and create a steady foundation of realism for the events of the book. Abby’s development as she grows and learns about the world around her stands out as a highlight, while Ethan remains a mostly one-dimensional, albeit integral, figure. Other characters in the book fill the space well and provide an incredibly well-rounded cast of personalities, covering the good, the bad, and the ugly. Several unique decisions are made to the narrative, including adding an odd supernatural element that gives this story a different flair from your typical western romances.

Ethan’s Abby: a Trilogy is more than just a western romance; it has adventure and mystery as the characters race across the plains in an effort to stay alive. The character development, peril, and always wondering if or how Ethan and Abby were going to get out of their mess this time will keep readers engaged and invested throughout the entire collection.

Pages: 646 | ASIN : B0BLJC1VCG

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