Colin The Crab Is A Special Character

Tuula Pere Author Interview

Colin the Crab Gets Married follows two crabs who want to get married and start a frenzy among their friends who try to help. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Colin the Crab and his friends form a kind of village community. The life of Colin and other underwater and riverside residents is, in many ways, very human and resembles the events of real life. Of course, the stream and its banks contribute to the adventures of the characters in these books.

My children’s books about Colin the Crab reflect observations of how various human communities function. Life in a small country village, the experiences of working life, and the interaction of people in a large family create an endless treasure chest of ideas. Specific settings and action patterns are often repeated, even when the scene changes.

If I think about the inspiration for this particular book in the Colin the Crab Series, it started from the experiences of many acquaintances. Fortunately, my husband and I were able to organize a wedding that looked like ours and suited us, but I’ve heard about other kinds of experiences as well.

What was your favorite scene in the book to create?

In this book about Colin and Clara’s wedding, I was able to use the situations faced by many of my acquaintances. Large family celebrations are typically occasions where opinions and expectations collide.

When arranging weddings, the previous generation often relives their personal memories, while the young couple’s perception of their dream wedding can be completely different. Will the result be a modest ceremony in the family circle or a big event full of exciting programs in richly decorated ballrooms?

I had a lot of fun writing the various conflicts related to wedding preparations. Old Mrs. Monkfish’s well-intentioned attempt to arrange a big orchestra to play outstanding music almost leads to complete disaster. The wedding couple preferred the delicate singing of the little fish’s choir, but Mrs. Monkfish arranged a big orchestra to entertain the guests. The wishes of the lizard family were to turn the party environment almost into a children’s amusement park, even though Colin and Clara wanted a peaceful party.

One scene that made me smile was the wedding dress conflict. In it, friend Stella the Starfish pressures the bride about the wedding dress. However, the gorgeous outfit from the luxury boutique turns out to be Stella’s own dream dress, not that of the modest bride.

It was fun to imagine a scene with two very different female characters. Of these, Stella often represents extreme vanity and selfishness. Sometimes I’m angry with her, but in this episode, I smile because Stella fails to subdue the bride’s will. The shy crab girl keeps her head and wears her mother’s old dress as planned. Ultimately, the fine costume ends up on Stella the Starfish herself, for whose many arms and legs the gorgeous outfit fits perfectly.

Do you provide educational resources for parents on how to integrate your books into a lesson plan?

I have written many books that could be considered educational or related to parenting and family life.

When I write these books, I don’t really think about making other people act on the teachings of my books. I just let the story fly! Books born from my experiences and honest thinking just bring some practically tested behavior for the readers to consider. Of course, I wish the stories make an impact, maybe even influence people’s judgment. However, only when they believe it is valuable and essential.

I have met teachers and parents who have come across my books and noticed how they could use them as educational aids. Then they usually act just as I would recommend, i.e., read together and discuss the topics. Colin and his friends have also inspired drama groups, where it is possible through role-playing to learn how to interact with others.

I consider it important that parents and educators read together with children even after the little ones have already learned to read. Then it is possible to discuss the story and its lessons with the child. An adult can immediately notice which elements are interesting, challenging, or maybe too scary for the young ones. Even for an older child, talking with an adult about the topics they read can be helpful.

I also write articles and give interviews and presentations about the ideas behind my books. This way, I can also tell adults about the backgrounds of my stories, and they will pass the message on to improve children’s reading experience. So, my influence takes place on two levels – in children and the adults around them.

In any case, my ultimate goal is that important messages are conveyed and that they help change the lives of families for the better.

Do you have more books planned that feature Colin the Crab?

Colin the Crab is a special character for me. I have already written four illustrated children’s books about him with longer stories: The Caring Crab, Colin the Crab Finds a Treasure, Colin the Crab Falls in Love, and Colin the Grab Gets Married.

In addition, I have two shorter stories with simpler illustrations aimed at younger children in the Mini-Crab Series. All these books have become popular among readers – teachers and parents, too!

Colin the Crab Series consists of independent stories which can be read separately. In the series’s background is the “big story,” the common thread of Colin’s life, progressing from one phase to another.

In this fourth book, Colin has finally found a spouse to live in his cozy house at the river. Living together naturally has its challenges. Personalities must get used to each other and adjust their habits, which gives me ideas for more books with fun adventures.

Soon, we can probably be excited about whether Colin and Clara will have offspring. Everything is not always straightforward, and life’s challenges are solved with the help of friends. But I can promise that neither Colin nor his spouse will give up their own dreams and wishes, even if others try to meddle in their lives with good intentions.

I want Colin to represent the idea that every creature has the right to defend their way of life and act in a way that suits them and respects others – no matter how slow, thoughtful, or old-fashioned that might be.

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The romance between Colin the Crab, a hardworking handyman, and Clara, a museum assistant, has deepened. Now it’s time to break the big news to their friends: the couple is getting married!
But soon Colin’s friends get so carried away with the wedding plans, they forget to involve the bride and groom. What happens when the party turns out to be completely different from Colin and Clara’s own plans?

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