The Red Eyes & The Curse

The Red Eyes by Lee Ching Kai follows Will and his siblings as they encounter paranormal experiences that begin to threaten the lives of their family. Will receives a new dog named Chester and he starts to notice odd occurrences around his home that lead him to explore an abandoned house he believes to be the cause of the paranormal activity. After meeting the ghost of a woman in the haunted house, Will and his sibling’s lives are forever changed, not by the hauntings, but by the secrets that are revealed. Will must find a way to save his family before the consequences of those secrets cost them all their lives.

At the very core of this paranormal mystery is an enjoyable horror story. The story is straightforward, so it will be easy to follow. Readers looking for a clear-cut supernatural story will enjoy the clear narration. The characters were all likable. Will was a character that felt very realistic in both his actions and his thoughts. This is a short but entertaining read that will leave you with some questions in the end that readers will surely be thinking about for a while.

In The Curse, Amelia and her family move to a new home in hopes of finding a better environment for her, but Amelia and her brothers notice that something is off about some of the townspeople. While exploring what she believes to be a haunted house, Amelia meets a group of individuals who are not as they seem and is forever changed as she becomes involved in their story. Amelia must decide whom to trust as the fate of her family and the world depends on her decision.

This is an intriguing story that follows a teenager, Amelia, and her family as they relocate to a new home. This was meant to be a positive change, but Amelia finds violence and death. After becoming involved with a group of individuals she meets at a haunted house, Amelia must make impossible decisions to keep her family and the world safe.

The Curse is an easy and quick read. There are some similarities between this story and The Red Eyes, but there is an element to this story that is creative and unique, and some of the plot points are pretty wild. The author does a great job creating decent characters as Amelia the protagonist is likable. The author breaks the fourth wall several times, which readers may find interesting.

This is a fascinating collection of short stories that middle-grade readers looking for intriguing supernatural mysteries will surely enjoy.

Pages: 236 | ISBN: 9670730511

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