Choke by Lisa Towles is a psychological thriller that will leave you wondering what’s real and what’s not.

Kerry Stine is living a normal life working at San Francisco General Hospital, but suddenly everything turns upside down for her. A patient is missing, and she’s the number one suspect. Confused and not understanding what’s happening, she has to run from the police as strange occurrences are happening around her. Dangerous men seem fixed on getting something from her, but she can’t even begin to understand what they could possibly be needing her for.

Just as all this is going on, Grace Mattson, a botanist, and her friend Adrian Calhoun are in serious trouble. Adrian has secretly researched and found a medical treatment that may change the lives of many for good. Now influential people are risking everything to put their hands on Adrian’s research and control the narrative. Paranoid, they have to watch their backs and try their best to find their way out. Both storylines eventually come together, making sense of the characters’ experiences.

Thrilling and with a good pace, this book captures the readers’ attention from the start. Every event described is confusing yet interesting, leaving one with the expectation of seeing more. The story has lots of ramifications and suspense; it’s hard to guess what will happen next or where the story is going. The perspectives are also constantly changing in every chapter, allowing the reader to see a different intriguing angle that will eventually intertwine with the overall story.

While reading, one immediately falls in the position of the characters, who are confused and don’t understand what’s happening to them. They often even question their mental state, making them unreliable and leaving the readers on their own journey trying to figure out what’s real. Because of this, the story is gripping and constantly changing, giving interest to every little detail. Furthermore, with time the attachment to the characters starts to grow, and their relationships solidify in times of uncertainty, providing a new dimension to the entire story and making it even more appealing.

What can be trusted? You’ll have to thoroughly read the story to find out. I give Choke by Lisa Towles 5 out of 5 stars. A psychological thriller and hard to put down, this is the sort of book that one will inevitably want to finish in one sitting to finally find out the whole truth.

Pages: 307 | ASIN: B0BJ7KX1Q9

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