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Fangs of Deception

Fangs of Deception by TK Orbelyan follows Carl and his cousin Terry. The family gathers one evening to meet Mia, Carl’s new girlfriend. Carl reveals shocking information he has acquired about the pandemic being meticulously planned and unleashed on the world. The evidence being that big pharma companies began preparations for the vaccine a year before the ‘plandemic’ broke out. Carl intends to not only publish this damning evidence but to follow it up and ensure that it’s not forgotten. When Carl disappears, Terry attempts to track him down, becoming deeply aware of how far a global ‘cabal’ controls governments, finance, and big industries and how thinly veiled the dystopian world is in which countries exist.

The characters are well-developed, each with their own unique voice and motivations. Terry is a particular standout, with his unwavering determination to expose the corruption that plagues the world. The plot is masterfully crafted, with twists and turns that kept me guessing until the end. The revelation that the pandemic was meticulously planned and unleashed on the world by big pharma companies was both shocking and thought-provoking. Orbelyan shows just how insidious the power of big corporations is and how easily the world could tip over into an Orwellian dystopia being controlled by the powerful few. The overall writing is strong, with well-crafted descriptive passages that create a vivid picture of the world the characters inhabit. I did find some sections of the book to be wholly explanatory, and I would have preferred to see these ideas shown rather than told. However, these moments did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the story.

Overall, I highly recommend Fangs of Deception to any reader who enjoys dystopian fiction or stories that tackle political and social issues. With its well-developed characters, tightly-knit narrative, and thought-provoking themes, this novella is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers.

Pages: 135 | ASIN : B0BST6482W

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Never Stop Running

Dr. Melissa Caudle’s Never Stop Running is a captivating novel that follows the life of a woman named Jackie who has experienced multiple lives but struggles to find meaning in her current one. Jackie, a school teacher, embarks on a school trip with her friend Beth and their respective classes. Tragically, the bus driver suffers a heart attack while en route to the museum, resulting in a fatal collision. Unfortunately, Jackie is the only one seriously injured and remains in a coma for several months before waking up with no memories of her past life.

The novel delves into the concept of past lives and regression therapy as Jackie attempts to recall her previous life before the accident by seeking out the source of her trauma. As she grapples with the memories of her past lives, she must also come to terms with her current family, who are strangers to her. Her husband David, mother Margarette, and two young sons, Tyler and Sebastian, one of whom has no recollection of her, add to her struggles.

Whether you believe in the notion of reincarnation or not, Never Stop Running is a mesmerizing tapestry of numerous tales. The book seamlessly weaves together not only the perspectives of the present characters but also those from Jackie’s past lives. The writing style is affected by the era in which the flashbacks occur, making the shifts in the timeline effortless and non-disruptive. Caudle expertly immerses the reader into Jackie’s world with her vivid descriptions and captivating characters.

Never Stop Running is a thrilling work of psychological fiction based on a true story. Readers follow along as Jackie discovers her soul mate in past lives and tries to come to terms with her current life and situation. I wholeheartedly recommend this book, as it is an enthralling and exhilarating read that will keep you engaged until the very end.

Pages: 283 | ASIN : B07MTTRJQK

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Secrets In The Mirror

Psychology around twins is a fascinating subject. Identical twins have the same DNA, but what happens when you throw in a domineering father who favors one twin over the other? Treating one twin differently over the other twists their self-confidence and personality, sometimes for the worse. Gavin and Devon are identical mirror twins, which means they’re the opposite of each other, even though they look the same. When Devon looks into a mirror, he sees Gavin. But their twin bond can only take so much strain, right?

Secrets in the Mirror by Leslie Kain is a psychological thriller about a set of twins, Devon and Gavin, and how Devon’s narcissistic personality affects their relationship and their entire family. At first, everyone just believes that Devon is full of himself and has a lot of self-confidence. Still, after a horrific traffic accident, the doctors who treat Devon start to unravel his web of lies, diagnosing him with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. But, of course, Devon doesn’t believe a word of it, and he knows he is superior to everyone, including the doctors.

Gavin has always been Devon’s crutch, and this becomes worse as time goes on. Gavin is expected to clean up after Devon’s misdeeds, but eventually, Gavin realizes that he needs to protect himself from his own twin brother. One truly feels sorry for Gavin and his mother, the story’s victims.

Secrets in the Mirror by Leslie Kain is a fascinating book written from multiple perspectives, including Devon and Gavin. Kain gives readers a look into the twins’ minds through chapters from their point of view. The story takes a while to pick up and can be frustrating to read because of the personality disorders. However, I believe that just shows Kain’s ability to craft compelling characters. I recommend this book to anyone interested in twin psychology, personality disorders, and psychological thrillers.

Pages: 366 | ASIN : B0B34H59Y1

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If A Spirit World Exists

Gary Simonds Author Interview

Death’s Pale Flag follows a neurosurgeon haunted by apparitions of the dead who navigates the line between reality and the paranormal while tending to patients and searching for answers to his haunting. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Well, to start with, several decades of practicing neurosurgery at Level 1 trauma centers. All the depictions of neurosurgical cases – from their origins, to the conduct of their surgeries, to their ultimate outcomes – although fictional were accurate and without hyperbole. And I think you can see, it can be pretty hair-raising. I wanted to give the reader a realistic taste of that world. Then, I have spent many years studying what effects constant exposure to death, dying, mayhem, tragedy, and human suffering has on healthcare practitioners, and have co-authored three non-fiction books on the subject. It feels plausible to me for someone in said environment to become untethered from reality, and start seeing ghosts. I certainly know the wreckage it can cause in practitioners’ psyches, home lives, and marriages. Finally, I grew up in a house with a Scottish mother and grandmother. They firmly believed in ghosts and had their own experiences with the undead. So tales of the paranormal are embedded in my soul. If a spirit world exists, I felt it logical for its members to be attracted to someone who so often spends his time in the no-man’s land between the living and the dead. And, I thought the juxtaposition of the supernatural world with the very “natural” world of modern biomedical science would be an interesting contrast. 

Ryan Brenan is an intriguing and well-developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I wanted to portray a decent, conscientious, “normal” guy (who happens to have a knack for his craft) who must exist in the relentless, hyper-critical, hyper-intense world of a high-level modern medical center. We suspect from the losing of his fighter pilot father in his childhood, that he might be prone to trying prove himself and aspiring to a hero’s role. And acquiring such a status in war is not enough for him. Neurosurgery affords him the opportunity, however, to validate his heroism every day with every patient. But it comes at a cost. First, he must repeatedly face his inability to heal some or perhaps many of his patients. In fact, he must face that he – like all neurosurgeons – is an “accidental killer and accidental maimer” in some cases. And, he must routinely tear himself away of the true epicenter of his happiness and fulfilment, his wife and daughters. He is certainly dedicated and caring and committed to his patients, but he is far from perfect. His emotional intelligence is dramatically listing. He has completely lost track on what is most important to him in life. And, he somehow believes he’s immune to emotional (and physical) distress and injury. He’s maddeningly stubborn about attending to his own needs and ailments, and listening to the good counsel of his family and friends. And, he takes his wife and family for granted, expecting them to “patch him up” each night inpreparation for the following day’s onslaught.

What themes were important for you to explore in this book?

I definitely wanted to give the reader a peek behind the curtains of the neurosurgical world. There are great non-fiction books on this subject, but I hoped a nonfiction work by an actual neurosurgeon would be more immersive, more thrilling, and more frightening. I wanted to challenge the reader with the question of Ryan’s sanity. Could the ghosts be the real, or was Ryan simply losing his mind (or both). I wanted the book to be chilling, with some nice scares. And I wanted this to lead the reader to consider what was actually more frightening, the paranormal world, or the very real world of brain surgery. I also was hoping to distort the reader’s sense of reality, calling into question at times whether they were experiencing supposed ghosts or real life situations.  

I wanted to explore the concept that many physicians – particularly surgeons – occasionally actually hurt and perhaps even contribute to the deaths of their patients through their medical/surgical administrations. And the effects this must have on the physicians.

Clearly, I was also exploring the effects of workaholism and overcommitment – even towards a noble cause – has on the practitioners AND their families and friends. 

And, I wanted to underscore just how arbitrary and random (and sudden) awful events, injuries, and illnesses can be in peoples’ lives (although we all can contribute to them by foolish or unthinking acts). I wanted to reveal and celebrate the preternatural bravery and grace of our fellow beings – the patients in the book (and in the real world) who face god-awful occurrences in their lives. I also wanted to toy with the religious implications were paranormal phenomena to be real, and the interface of science and religion in the world of the mortally ill.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available? 

Well, I have a completed YA novel in the computer that I have rewritten a number of times and will be heading into another rewrite as soon as I get Pale Flag off the ground. It’s the story of an obsessive but unheralded young soccer player who overcomes some shocking, and some routine, teenage adversity to start realizing his dreams. Although I believe young women will like it (I’ve tested it on some), I am hoping to rope in some male readers. I think we really have to push our young men to get off the games and do more reading.

Then, I am laying out the framework for a kind-of post-apocalyptic novel with a unique twist – that I won’t reveal quite yet.

And, as always, I have some non-fiction material I want to put together in the realm of burnout. I fear we are burning out our next generation of physicians long before they get to medical school. So, time permitting, I want to joust that windmill.

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Brain surgeon and unlikely war hero, Ryan Brenan, has it all. A booming practice, a beautiful home in an idyllic setting, and a happy loving family. Then, the apparitions begin.

Subtle at first, but soon there’s no doubt about it, he’s seeing ghosts, spirits, the undead. Of course, he could just be going nuts, cracking under the pressure of his constant exposure to death, mayhem, and tragedy. But, he believes he has proof that the ghosts are very real, and that they are specifically haunting him.

We join Ryan as he tends to the sick and injured in his hospitals’ trauma bays, intensive care units, and operating rooms, all the while seeking to understand why he has become a target of the dead. Will he break down? Will he lose all that is precious to him? Will he be drawn to the other side of the great divide?

The unique storyline, similar to the works of Blake Crouch and Jeff VanderMeer is a chilling thrill ride, straddling the real world and that of the paranormal.

This riveting psychological thriller uniquely blends a detailed peek behind the curtains of modern day neurosurgery with a fantastical journey into the paranormal. Written by a highly experienced neurosurgeon who takes the reader on an immersive journey into the behind the scenes world of the operating room where few people have ever been.

Death’s Pale Flag

Death’s Pale Flag by Gary Simonds is a thrilling book about the experiences of a neurosurgeon who loves his work. Ryan, the protagonist, becomes so involved with the patients that every death on his table takes a part of his heart and soul. He wants to save everyone, which leads to overworking every day and on weekends. His excessive busyness with work becomes a challenge because he starts forgetting his family.

Ryan’s work completely takes over all aspects of his life, and he begins to see ghosts or hallucinations of the people who died due to medical complications. They appear to be the patients he couldn’t save on the operating table. The doctor tries to understand the reasons within his capacity and struggles to decipher these apparitions. This further worsens his health, work, and family life. As his career becomes Ryan’s only respite and his family drifts away from him, one catastrophic event may bring him closer to taking life more seriously.

I found the writing style of this book captivating, and I enjoyed the intense details of brain surgeries in an easy-to-understand language that I could follow. It deepened my appreciation for neurosurgery and the delicate, life-saving procedure. In addition, the author did a brilliant job of expressing how remaining the life of a neurosurgeon can be and how challenging work-life balance can be to achieve, especially with a career in the medical field. Ryan’s emotional journey is captured perfectly, along with other characters in the book, and the plot development is exceptional.

The story’s progression blended well with the period, and I found the neurosurgeon’s personal and professional challenges exciting and, at times, amusing, which only made the book more enjoyable to read. This is a compelling book with a realistic plot woven into a fantasy story. Death’s Pale Flag by Gary Simonds is an excellent book, combining elements of a thriller, medical drama, comedy, and paranormal themes. It’s a worthwhile read, and I recommend it to fans of supernatural thrillers.

ASIN B003R3111E | Pages: 380

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Heart of the Storm

Sara Winslow Talbott is a family law attorney defending a woman in a custody battle. The problem? She’s defending her husband’s mistress, who is pregnant with her husband’s baby. As she struggles to figure out how she should handle this situation, she is suddenly the primary suspect in her husband’s murder. The mob now wants her dead because her husband stole from them. Will the handsome District Attorney Phillip Martino be able to help her out of this mess? Will she make it out alive and prove her innocence?

Heart of the Storm by Sharon K Middleton is a captivating story that I found hard to put down. The characters in the story are likable, and I enjoyed reading the witty conversations between Sara and her sister Liz. As soon as I read the first sentence in the book, I was both shocked and hooked. I empathize with Sara, and I love her character. I also appreciated that she had a lot of support from her family, and they all had a great sense of humor through this tough situation.

Middleton has created a dramatic story filled with tension that made this page-turner from start to finish. I was not expecting Sara’s husband to be murdered, and I was thrown for a loop. The stakes are raised in the story when we learn that Sara was abused by her husband and that he was a cheater, making her look like a possible suspect in his death. The author expertly immerses the reader into the story, and I felt like I was alongside Sara, trying to solve the mystery of her husband’s murder.

Heart of the Storm is a riveting read that will take readers on an emotional rollercoaster filled with unexpected twists. This suspenseful story has the right amount of drama with characters that you will love and hate. I would recommend this compelling read to anyone who enjoys a cozy mystery.

Pages: 281 | ASIN : B0BCSZLJVB

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Katya by Kathryn Mattingly centers around the life of an artist who appears to have an idyllic life on a small vineyard and farm, though there are layers of unhappiness and regret. The story follows Katya, the people in and around her life, and how she navigates through heartbreak and disappointment. As she strives to find joy, unexpected circumstances send her into a number of challenges. During this experience, she encounters another world, where she’s faced with what her life could’ve become. In this alternate dream world, Katya discovers what she could have had but must also face the realities of her existence and whether she can resolve them or return to another timeline of her life.

The author grabbed my attention from the beginning with an well-paced story, engaging narration and intriguing characters. Each chapter delves into different perspectives, situations, and scenarios that readers will find relatable as they are thoughtful explorations of the human experience. This is a thought-provoking book with great plot twists and unexpected events that keep readers turning from one page to the next. I enjoyed the interesting and sharp descriptions of the characters, their personalities, and their dilemmas.

If you are looking for a book that weaves elements of fantasy into a dramatic romance, you will enjoy this incredible romantic thriller. It’s a provocative tale about how we must face the consequences of our life decisions and what could have resulted if another path or journey was taken. I really found Katya’s journey enjoyable as she tries to find another way to consolidate what she truly wants with her dreams.

Katya is a gripping novel that follows an artist’s delicate but intriguing life and her quest to find true love and happiness. It’s an excellent read that readers will have a hard time putting down, and I strongly recommend it.

Pages: 325 | ASIN: B0BMZF5HBH

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My Journal Of ER Stories

T.C. Solomon Author Interview

A Field Within follows a struggling emergency physician who uncovers a medical mystery that could alter the future of medicine. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

I’m an emergency physician, and the book initially grew from my journal of ER stories. I also have a background in medical ethics, and I wanted to create a complicated scenario where a family was forced to care for their own loved one while navigating the moral ramifications of a new metaphysical discovery. 

Kevin endures trauma growing up, and it impacts who he becomes as an adult. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

At the beginning of the story, Kevin has faced a series of personal and professional setbacks, which cause him to doubt himself and his instincts. Driven by a fear of failure and preoccupied with controlling others, he’s stuck in his roles of being a son, a husband, and a father, and he’s failing at all three. His spiritual growth progresses when he realizes the best way to manage the chaos around him is to turn inward and care for his needs first, and only then can he be the best version of himself. At his core, he’s a humanist and tries to lead an altruistic life.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

At the core of this book is a hero’s journey of courage, acceptance, and love. It also showcases the dire consequences of controlling others, especially our children.

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

I’m flirting with the idea of a sequel to this book. I’ll have to keep you posted. 🙂

Author Links: GoodReads | Facebook | Website

Kevin Bishop knows chaos. It stares him in the face every day. He’s an emergency physician, like his renowned father, and he’s trained to help people through their darkest hours.

But something’s changed. Kevin’s losing pieces of himself. He’s losing control.

In search of a new start, he returns to Long Grove, Illinois, his childhood town, only to find that chaos has followed him. A shocking accident forces his family to deal with unexpected consequences that tests their capacity to heal to the limit.

The Bishops are thrown into an abyss, and must find a way to the light. But what they discover when they do is so powerful it will either change the future of medicine or destroy them completely.

Content warning: this book contains explicit language. Please visit the author’s media kit at for a detailed list.
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