Mac Has Hit A Bottom

Joe Clark Author Interview

MacGregor’s Final Battle follows a man who forgoes cancer treatment and sets out on a cross-country trip where he meets a nurse and inspires her to restart her life. What motivated you to write a biographical fiction novel about Mac?

A couple of things came together. I was challenged to write a novel for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMO) in 2020. I had a chapter written in response to a question about my autobiography (not written and never will be). So, initially it was a spur of the moment adventure while I was recovering from writing and publishing Demented. But it led to some serious research about some serious issues. I wanted to write a romance – hence Mac and Kate – but I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to talk about family.

What were some obstacles that you felt were important in defining your characters in the story?

Mac has hit a bottom. He’s old. His wife of 40 years has recently died. He is dying of brain cancer. His family has abandoned him. But he has to do something. He has to make readers fall in love and root for him while accepting that he is going to die. He has to be tough as nails but vulnerable. In Chapter 2, he takes on armed robbers and misguided cops. In Chapter 4, Kate exposes his vulnerability. The great obstacle for the characters in this story is the age and social gap between Mac and Kate. They have to learn to get along together.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share with readers in this book?

Ageing and dying are foremost. What do we do with people who are falling apart before our eyes – perhaps suffering from an incurable disease or a disabling handicap or injury?

How we relate to others both as individuals and as a society: Tim’s race; Eddie and wound vet with hispanic heritage; our native American neighbors Our wars – Vietnam is especially difficult for Mac and me but it’s a repeating pattern that affects (perhaps defines) Eddie’s life.

Where do you see Kate Graham a couple of years after the story ends?

For the moment, Kate will continue as Eddy’s wife and partner. Their family will grow. She will rise to Nurse Practitioner.

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When Donald (Mac) MacGregor learns that brain cancer is killing him, he sets out in an RV on one last adventure. Along the way he meets Kate Graham a nurse in an assisted living facility who is looking for an escape from a dead end life. Their stories unfold as they follow the Lewis and Clark Trail across the Great Plains to the Pacific Ocean and then continue into the wilds of Alaska.The short time she and Mac spend together inspires her to restart her life.

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