To Triumph Over Any Problem

Author Interview
Clark WM. Colepaugh Author Interview

Princess Hope and Snowflake: The Quest follows a young Indian Princess who sets out on a dangerous journey to find a cure for her sick father with the help of her friends. What was the inspiration for your story?

I believe that children are our future, therefore, My goal is to touch children’s lives for I believe, with all my heart, that my characters are what children need today!

Princess Hope & Snowflake demonstrate distinguished qualities or characteristics, Such as Hope, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Kindness, and Humility, Having these traits, helps young children distinguish, Between right and wrong, or good and bad and help them find joy and success. Princess Hope and Snowflake, not only entertain the child, It also teaches morals and values that will stay with them forever. More important each of the characters demonstrates, throughout the story, Unconditional love, for one another and without hesitation and are willing to sacrifice their lives, for each other.

Princess Hope is only seven and must undertake a journey many adults would struggle with. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Princes Hope is seven years old and her father’s life is in jeopardy. She must go on a dangerous Journey and is afraid she will soon be an orphan. But with the help of her friends Snowflake a white grizzly cub with blue eyes, Thor the magnificent cougar, Lobo the Skillful hunter, and Spirit the majestic eagle. Together they learn that life will often give you challenges, you feel are impossible to overcome. You feel overwhelmed and hopeless, you want to cry and hide. You feel sorry for yourself and ask yourself why me? Princess Hope shows the young reader that the question you need to ask yourself is how you can overcome your problems. What do I need to do to triumph over any problem I face? And hopefully, they realize that you also need the help of family and friends.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Princess Hope & Snowflake is my lifelong dream coming true, The main theme of the book is unconditional Love of family and friends and believing in yourself, that you can face any problem and succeed. Princess Hope & Snowflake, demonstrate the importance of unconditional love. I also wanted to show the young reader that every animal is special, Unique and gifted and inspiring.

What adventure will the next book with Princess Hope and Snowflake be about, and when will it be available?

Thank you for asking there is a fourth book in the series, It is called Princess Hope & Snowflake’s “Memories of the past.” Mary Shelly once wrote, every story has a beginning an The beginning must be linked to something that went before. Memories of the past tell the story of how Princess Hope’s Ancestors came to live On Rainbow Island. Gold was found in their land and many were hunted down and killed as a result. A few brave souls escape on a ship with only, their clothes on their backs and With Hope and courage in their heart. It shows the reader the character of White Eagle as a young boy, The future leader of the Tribe and Princess Hope’s father. I like to finish this interview with a thought, I would like your readers to know about Princess Hope & Snowflake. The Quest is the third book in a series of three books and in all three, There is music and poetry, an element in Princess Hope & Snowflake, to touch the reader’s heart, to not only fall in love with all the characters in the book but to identify with them and also moved them, To cheer and cry for the heroes of the story, For example, the young princess is singing a song to her father White Eagle who is in a coma, a song to touch his heart, That will give him the will to live and be a part of her life.

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The GOAL OF PRINCESS HOPE & SNOWFLAKE the QUEST is to capture the attention of the child and take them on  a journey of life and death. Princess Hope and her friends have less than 24 hours to save her fathers life. Princess Hope a seven-year-old Indian girl, with, Her four amazing friends snowflake, Thor, Lobo, Spirit, and Seashell go on a dangerous mission. Princess Hope arm with only a bow and arrow and courage in her heart, venture on a Dangerous, journey, Will, they find a cure, for White Eagle, Princess Hope father and Leader of the Tribe. Princess Hope’s father is dying needs a cure, Together these five young brave souls with determined spirits and Faith in each other. Together they encounter danger and Come face to face with not only animals of the island, but with a mysterious woman, Her name is Hiiaka, the spirit of Volcano, The mysterious woman has the plant, That will cure Princess Hope’s father. Will Hiiaka, be a friend or foe. Will, they all get back in time to save her father,

Will the young Princess become an Orphan?  Will any of the five brave souls live or die?

Read the Quest and find out.

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