My Days with Emma

Author Paul Dunion’s inspirational book deals with mindful aging and teaches readers to accept gracefully that life happens to all of us, not the other way around. Although our ego loves to believe we are in control, we forget how much of life is actually not in our control. Death is the only constant, and life is but a journey toward this final destination. The only way to stop being afraid of the mysterious and unpredictable nature of life is to relinquish this assumption of being the one doing the aging and instead realize how it is our lives that age us. With a candid yet philosophical style, the narrator discusses the ordeals one has to face in becoming an elder.

My Days With Emma certainly puts the spotlight on Emma as a tribute and a genuine expression of the author’s gratitude for her contribution in enabling and encouraging him on a path of soulful aging, and understandably so, since Emma plays a significant role in Dunion’s life as both his spiritual mentor and life coach. But, although the book is centered on the theme of aging, it is not necessarily a book for the older generations. This is what makes it so fascinating. The narrator talks about his own fears and insecurities, but as a reader, irrespective of our age, we can relate to his experiences because aging can be relative.

It is not uncommon among us to compare ourselves with the younger members of a circle, be it in our professional life or social life. We often compare and then feel bitter about their success or victories when we associate their gains with their youth because, unlike other factors, we have no control over our age. This simple truth often leaves us feeling profoundly disillusioned and defeated. Yet, the fact that the knowledge and wisdom we gather over the years can be an invaluable resource that we can use to help others, in turn, doesn’t easily cross our minds. This is where Dunion steps in with his book to remind us. It gives the kind of validation and reassurance that we all deserve from time to time about our own worth in other people’s lives.

Pages: 214 | ISBN : 1639885714

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