The Pistons That Crank The Universe

Brian Estvander Author Interview

Stilled: The Story of Inklebrawt Winklehank follows four biologically engineered siblings who are tasked with saving humans from a hostile force. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

The very ancient ruins of Puma Punku located in Bolivia. The root cause is my interest in history (mostly military), music, and my professional background in the physical and life sciences. The craftmanship of Puma Punku is remarkable and fantastically unique. Nowhere else on the planet can you find similar architecture. A true enigma for humankind’s history. After speaking with several structural engineers, metallurgists, and geologists, the building of Puma Punku would be a real feat to replicate (even in modern times) the precision architecture without machine tools and perhaps robotic template computer software with lasers as a prerequisite for design and building. I blended this location with my knowledge in nano regenerative medicine, biochemistry, computer science and physics and applied these to each of the characters attributes.  

Also, I was diagnosed with Cluster Headaches years ago and that is where the idea for the Tsr’ Yyd came from. Anybody who has cluster headaches (acute or chronic) will recognize this immediately. It’s a terrible debilitating condition both physically and emotionally that hardly anyone knows about. So, I incorporated the likes of it within my book to deal with it for my own emotional needs. 

Finally, I love a play on words and scattered clues within a story that all add up at the end. If you read Ink’s story closely and study the book cover, a lot will just pop out at you when you least expect it and then think, “How did I miss that!” or “That makes sense!”

Each of the siblings has unique abilities that cause them challenges. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Well, Ink and Maggie are basically a mix of me, so their development was easy to create and write. In fact, some of Ink’s and Maggie’s experiences in the present day happened to me, minus the SCI-FI stuff. Maggie’s garden for example, I built my own garden in my yard a few years before I even thought of writing Stilled and I built it exactly the way Maggie describes it in Stilled.

All the characters in the book have a meaningful role in Stilled. That is, all are needed to make the story work. The characters surprised me sometimes with their actions and intentions. That is the best part of creating your characters – not knowing what exactly they might do the day you write. I go with flow and what feels right and act the characters mannerisms and voices out. It’s not weird, it just needs to be done to really feel the character. The reader may fall in love with a character or just plain dislike them because of their actions or intentions within Stilled. That’s great! I wanted to make the characters and story seem a real possibility for the reader.   

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The pistons that crank the universe. The ever-influencing vibrational strings of music that touch our hearts and brain matter. Love. Time. Reincarnation. The inevitable mesh of human and machine and its payoffs and drawbacks for human evolution. Or has that already happened thousands of years ago and now only just repeating?

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am currently writing a book named Sounding Loud. It is set in a world culture of England in the late 1800’s on a planet like Earth. Some of the technology is more advanced yet also commensurate with the industrial revolution cultures that our Earth experienced. It mainly focuses on a man named Elliot who has several physical ailments that affect his five senses. He pals around with a lifelong friend Valentine and a newfound friend named King and is constantly pestered by Ms. Pressing and shadow entities. The story is ongoing, and I really don’t know what will exactly happen, but it is a mix of horror and SCI-FI and is extremely character driven like Stilled. It may or may not tie into Stilled. We will see; the ideas and flow are there to make that happen. It should be completed sometime in late 2024 or 2025 is my guess.

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Inklebrawt Winklehank is a Huply, a hybrid of the biologically engineered immortal Plythi’i race and a human. Because of his birthright, he has both the logic and enhanced psychokinetic abilities of the Plythi’i paired with the wild emotions and temperament of humanity. He is forced to wrestle with these emotions in the face of what his logical mind knows he must do to safeguard the future of the human race. But he is not alone.

Maggie Henderson is a scientist working at MIT, creating leading-edge bio-nanotechnology while struggling to keep her own powers hidden, unaware of a growing threat close to home.

DavidWessel is an elite sniper stationed in the Afghanistan desert. When his latest target turns out to be far more dangerous than your average enemy, he is forced to choose who to believe to protect those closest to him.

And Nicola Helyn is a runaway mobster who only wants to forget his past, but when he meets a mysterious woman and finds himself hunted by a dangerous man, he is forced to reconcile all he thought he knew with the truth of who he is.

Connected by the threads of fate, the four must learn how to work together despite their differences. Because time is running out. The Shepherds, a group of rogue Huply who believe the Plythi’i should remain separate from humans, are moving. They nearly destroyed the Plythi’i in their first attack centuries ago, leaving the Earth and its civilizations in shambles, with nothing more than rubble to mark the technological advances of the past. This time they are determined not to fail.

And behind the scenes, whispers of the enigmatic Tsr’Yyd are growing. Shrouded in mystery and myth, no one knows who or what they are. But Ink, the Shepherds, and the Plythi’i know one thing: they are to be feared.

Spanning lifetimes and crossing galaxies, Stilled: The Story of Inklebrawt Winklehank is an intricate, fast-paced science fiction novel of a fight across millennia for the future of the evolution of the human race.

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