The Best Summer Guest

Jonty’s parents are going away on a trip without him, so he gets to spend the summer with his Grandma Gladys. He is unsure about spending the summer with his grandma and is worried about missing his parents. So his parents drop him off with his suitcase of clothes and a bag of electronic toys for entertainment. Grandma Gladys promptly puts the electronics away in the closet, saying he won’t need them for the stay, but Jonty is not so sure. What ends up happening is a magical summer vacation full of new and old experiences and making memories that he will never forget.

The Best Summer Guest by Tuula Pere and illustrated by Milena Radeva is a beautifully written and simple story that left me with a feeling of nostalgia and reminiscing about my summer vacations with my grandparents. In an age where children are constantly looking for the next new shiny thing or the latest video craze, Tuula Pere’s story about simple pleasures like tossing pine cones, learning to tie knots, and baking treats will show children there is still magic and wonder in the world. The fun of swimming in a lake and fishing, or enjoying the morning air as you wake up and start the day, is portrayed with wonder and a beauty that is forgotten today.

Beyond the pleasures of enjoying the simplicity in life is the message of family. Spending time and appreciating relatives while they are with you is essential. Jonty goes from being unsure of spending time with his Grandmother to realizing how valuable this time is and how much he loves this chance to be with her at the lake cottage.

The Best Summer Guest is a heartwarming children’s book about family, simple pleasures in life, and appreciating the things we have. The whimsical drawing adds to the warm feelings the message of the book imparts. This is a beautiful book for families to have and pass through the generations, a reminder to cherish our times together.

Pages: 22 | ASIN : B07HYCYSS3

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