Nothing’s As It Seems

Nothing’s As It Seems by Holly Brandon lives up to its title in the best possible way. Chastity Morgan, also called Chase, is a romantic with the desire for marriage and a happily ever after. When Chase finds herself in her 30s after multiple failed relationships, she’s beginning to think that she’s never found “the one.” She fights the pressure of her family and their traditional views on the need to find a husband. Instead, Chase focuses on her independence and being happy without a man. She learns from her family, friends, and personal experiences that life is all about the journey, and love is about mutual respect and commitment.

Chase soon discovers other forces are at play, including Daphne’s psychic abilities and a questionable series of events that occur unexpectedly. She soon learns that the destiny she’s been chasing and the life she’s been looking for were in front of her all along, and essentially, nothing is quite as it seems.

I found the book to be fun, with quirky, likable characters and excellent development throughout the story. There is a significant dynamic between Chase and her cousin Roxie, with rich inspiration and empathy. I really enjoyed her family’s relationship, creating a sense of nostalgia throughout the book. It’s an enjoyable, creative story filled with original ideas that give the story more depth and thought-provoking ideas than I expected. I love how the dialogue between the characters shapes their relationships, and there is a good dose of humor driven by fate, the setting, and the characters. Chase’s journey is a must-read that I highly recommend.

Nothing’s As It Seems by Holly Brandon is a light, fun, and fast-paced book with loveable characters and an enjoyable plot. I recommend this entertaining tale that blends love, friendship, family, and a drive for more out of life.

Pages 539 | ASIN: B09R4GFSPN

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  1. It sounds like great characters!


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