Alliteration Boosts Communication

Alliteration Boosts Communication: The ABCs of Vocabulary, written by Larry Carey, is a unique children’s book that teaches kids about alliteration. This is done with cleverly written sentences and brightly colored illustrations. The artwork by Wheeler Lentz is the first thing that jumped out at me and is sure to draw in children right away.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented with a mix of humorous, serious, and spiritual phrases. In addition, the author has included dictionary definitions and pronunciation of many of the alliteration words that younger elementary students might not have heard before. This is a great way to teach the language concept of alliteration but also improve their vocabulary and help them communicate better.

One thing that stands out to me is the diversity that is shown in this children’s book. Having different cultures represented is key to reaching children and teaching them that they matter. When they feel a connection to the book, the lessons have a greater chance of sticking with them. This book is written for children from preschool through middle grades. Visiting the author’s website will give teachers and parents age-appropriate activities they can include with the book.

Alliteration Boosts Communication: The ABCs of Vocabulary is a well-written and engaging children’s book that is suitable for classrooms across a wide range of ages. Children and adults will enjoy looking at the illustrations and following along as they expand their vocabulary and learn ways to improve their communication skills.

Pages: 28 | ISBN : 166784279X

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