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Alliteration Boosts Communication

Alliteration Boosts Communication: The ABCs of Vocabulary, written by Larry Carey, is a unique children’s book that teaches kids about alliteration. This is done with cleverly written sentences and brightly colored illustrations. The artwork by Wheeler Lentz is the first thing that jumped out at me and is sure to draw in children right away.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented with a mix of humorous, serious, and spiritual phrases. In addition, the author has included dictionary definitions and pronunciation of many of the alliteration words that younger elementary students might not have heard before. This is a great way to teach the language concept of alliteration but also improve their vocabulary and help them communicate better.

One thing that stands out to me is the diversity that is shown in this children’s book. Having different cultures represented is key to reaching children and teaching them that they matter. When they feel a connection to the book, the lessons have a greater chance of sticking with them. This book is written for children from preschool through middle grades. Visiting the author’s website will give teachers and parents age-appropriate activities they can include with the book.

Alliteration Boosts Communication: The ABCs of Vocabulary is a well-written and engaging children’s book that is suitable for classrooms across a wide range of ages. Children and adults will enjoy looking at the illustrations and following along as they expand their vocabulary and learn ways to improve their communication skills.

Pages: 28 | ISBN : 166784279X

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Perspective Detective

Have you ever wondered what living in someone else’s shoes would be like? Or how others view the world? Perspective Detective by Cazzy Zahursky is a whimsical read that helps young readers take a step back and try to look at a situation from someone else’s perspective. It’s an excellent exercise for both young and older readers. We are introduced to Axel and Lexa, who have different views on activities they encounter throughout the day. Lexa insists that Axel took her bear, but Axel insists he did not, so they hunt for Lexa’s teddy bear. Throughout the story, we see how Lexa and Axel view things differently, which helps each character better understand the situation from the other’s perspective.

The author immerses readers into the whimsical world of Axel and Lexa as they solve the mystery of where the teddy bear is. The story’s premise is to help young readers consider another point-of-view, by including optical illusions, puzzles, and other helpful, engaging tools. I appreciated the message in the story that you don’t need to compare your life to others when things don’t go your way and try to approach difficult situations with a more positive outlook. My favorite part in the story is when Perspective Detective shares with Lexa and Axel that their names are the same, just backward. This is the perfect read to share in a classroom or at the library and for parents to share with siblings to show that they would be much happier to be an individual rather than comparing themselves to one another.

Perspective Detective by Cazzy Zahursky is a fantastic and creative look at how we can learn to appreciate things and people from another point of view. It’s a unique book ideal for school, the library, or your children’s book collection.

ASIN B0B1JM7YQR | Pages: 38

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Beautifully Blemished

Book Review

Beautifully Blemished: Learning and Celebrating Skin Differences is a heartwarming picture book that teaches children that their unique skin is not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. Instead, children learn about various skin conditions that are all normal and make the person with them special. Things like birthmarks, moles, and freckles to Vitiligo, Rosacea, and Psoriasis are all covered in this fantastic book.

Author Leanne Stuckey and illustrator Traci Allison have combined their skills to bring children a meaningful and important story. Each child featured in this moving book shares how they are unique and special, from the stars in the sky to the bright colors of fall. Each skin condition offers children a chance to see something in themselves that is positive and encouraging. The illustrations show each child positively and respectfully, giving those with unique skin a voice.

Beautifully Blemished will help children learn about positive self-image, self-esteem, and compassion for those that look different from themselves. This eloquent story will help children appreciate all the differences in people around them and themselves. It is an excellent tool for teaching diversity and acceptance. Learning about different skin conditions will help children understand that physical appearances are not what matters, and just because someone looks different than them, it is not a bad thing or strange. This superb picture book will educate children and encourage them to be themselves and be proud of who they are inside and out.

Pages: 36

Pinkie the Baby Bird Goes to School

Pinkie the Baby Bird Goes to School by Rose Andria, and Grace Boda is a beautifully illustrated book about a young bird getting ready to start school for the first time. It’s an excellent book for young, school-aged kids and children preparing for kindergarten, which can be an exciting and sometimes stressful experience. The story begins with inquisitive Pinkie, who is curious about what school will be like when she begins her first day, which allows her to discuss her anticipation with family and friends.

Pinkie expands her social circle throughout the book as she begins school. She meets her teacher and discovers many students and friends in her tree or community. The more Pinkie learned, the more she enjoyed making friends, singing, and expanding her knowledge. I found the book easy to read and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a fantastic story for parents and teachers.

The book is written in a way that captures children’s attention, and it’s a great way to make learning fun and less stressful, as many kids may experience at a new school or on their first day. It’s also an excellent introduction for preschool-aged kids, with bright, pastel-painted pictures, which incorporate the importance of education and diversity, getting acquainted with close friends and neighbors, and making new connections.

Pinkie the Baby Bird Goes to School by Rose Andria, and Grace Boda is a brilliant story that captures kids’ attention with a great storyline and illustrations. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars for its creativity and a well-written message about the importance of community, inclusivity, and education. It’s a fantastic read for parents with small children and elementary school teachers. I personally found this book held my kids’ attention, and it makes a great addition to your home library or at a school or daycare.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B0BJVPRJ3D

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Magical and Powerful Potions

The book Magical and Powerful Potions by Michael Montgomery is a lengthy book about the magical aspects of potions and neat stories about mythological happenings. This book is primarily an instructional or educational book on magic, potions, recipes, and stories relating to them. It includes mythical histories of the potions, including various uses and special things to remember when making potions. In addition, the book explores potion-making step by step in an entertaining and easy way to understand. This is a well-made work of fiction that will entertain those who love magic, potions, or the cottage-core aesthetic.

I think that the book was incredibly long when it didn’t necessarily need to be. It provided a little too much information, and it seemed to have trouble staying on the topic at some points. I would say that the chapters can be shortened significantly in order to keep the reader’s attention. The style of writing was fun but very wordy.

Something I did like, however, was the progression of chapters. The book reads a bit like a textbook and builds upon things that are already learned in the beginning chapters. For example, when it introduces a recipe for a potion, it combines learned skills from previous chapters. The small stories of history were excellent and relevant to the chapter in which it is talking about. The writing is exceptionally creative and puts the reader into the world of magic, using vivid descriptions and exciting information.

Magical and Powerful Potions is a highly detailed historical look at magic dating back to the ice age. This in-depth collection of information and stories will teach readers how potions and magic work while also entertaining them. It was incredibly entertaining. Overall, I think it would be an interesting read for someone who is a fan of witchcraft, magic, and the occult.

Pages: 745 | ASIN : B0BG2FJXR3

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Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash

When a young boy from California visits his cousins for the first time in Hawaii, he becomes confused about why people keep calling each other trash. What starts as simple misunderstanding blossoms into frustration and anger between the young cousins. It takes a patient Pupu (grandmother) to explain the real meaning of Mahalo and teach the children a valuable lesson about their Hawaiian culture.

Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash is an educational and inspiring story about family, traditions, and culture. Written by AJ Paki Perkins and his three teenage children, they work together to create this fascinating and outstanding children’s book. This is more than just a story about the meaning of Mahalo; it is the blending of cultures and sharing of one’s heritage. It is also a lesson in gratitude and appreciation for each other and the land that we live on.

One of my favorite parts of this magnificent book is the resources at the end. Hawaiian words can be confusing to non-natives, especially the pronunciation. The authors have included a pronunciation guide and a list of Hawaiian language words with their definitions. This children’s book is on the longer side, at over 60 pages, but the colorful illustrations play well with the vibrant setting of Hawaii. The character’s expressions really add to the story and keep children engaged. While some of the dialog can get confusing, it is a beautiful lesson for small children on diversity. The details the authors have included make this story personal and relatable.

Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash is an engaging and beautiful written children’s book that teaches about the culture of Hawaii and the importance of gratitude. Children will love reading about the cousins as they spend time with the Pupu and Papa and experience the wonderful things that the island of Hawaii has to offer.

Pages: 65 | ASIN : B0BMSKP91Z

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A Splash of Colour

Great educational tools are immensely fundamental to child development, but I have found they are scarce in young readers’ libraries. A Splash of Colour, written and illustrated by Susannah Nilsen, has given us a supreme perfect example of an educational book aid.

The beginning starts us off with common sight words that help us while we read, and the writing is simple enough to follow, so young readers can pick up these sight words quickly. Although this story does not follow a specific storyline or have an overall theme, it does, in fact, allow for an entertaining way to learn. The rhythmic verses leaped from the page with a steady pulse that kept the reader hanging from every word.

I recommend this book to any family or young reader who is learning to read or needs help gaining more powerful reading skills. This book will allow for quick and entertaining learning. The illustrations and the sight words were effortlessly cohesive and echo a seamless connection to the sight words allowing for an even better teaching aid.

I believe that the gift of reading is magical and can help us do amazing things. The author explains at the end of the book, “Her classroom experience affords a deep understanding of the value of picture books in the classroom, both as a vehicle to teach across the curriculum and to explore all manner of concepts.” this is something I clearly saw through her writing and the illustrations themselves.

A Splash of Colour is a whimsical picture book that will engage preschool and toddler-age children with its vivid images and entertaining text. Parents and teachers will find this to be a valuable children’s book to have for teaching about colours and introducing sight words. This is a wonderful addition to a home or classroom library.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B0BJ6JZJB9

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Elizabeth H. Cottrell wants to bring back the art of note writing. Through her book Heartspoken: How to Write Notes that Connect, Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire, the author takes us down memory lane, discussing note writing back in the day and how it compares to modern-day forms of communication. Elizabeth Cottrell writes with a special grace that gives her words warmth and shows her compassion. Readers will know that she writes from the heart and writes to leave an impact. Reading this book will give readers a feeling of nostalgia.

The author starts the book by describing to the reader the purpose of writing the book and also giving a little history of writing. Elizabeth notes down how writing came into being, how ancient folk communicated, and why communication was critical. I found delight in learning about the papyrus paper and how ground-breaking it was back then. One of Elizabeth Cottrell’s strengths is the ability to virtually take the reader back in time. While reading about ancient forms of communication and how writing was, the reader gets into the moment and experiences the author’s text as she expresses her thoughts.

The discussion gradually moves from the ancient communication use of parchment papers by Greeks to letter writing and note writing. I enjoyed this part the most as the author included bits of her years growing up and how valuable writing and receiving letters were. I like how passionate the author is when writing about this subject. One can feel her ties to note writing and its significance. Elizabeth Cottrell writes about how exciting it was to receive a note written by family and friends and also articulates how the culture is slowly but surely fading away. Reading this book will make me miss the simplicities of life before technology. The author is clear in her message and does not condemn modern forms of communication; rather, she compares and writes enthusiastically about note writing as a superpower even in Today’s world.

Elizabeth Cottrell shares some intimate moments in her life. The author writes about how notes make her feel and perfectly puts in words the authenticity message in notes feel, compared to those sent via electronic media. There is nothing wrong with sending messages via email or text messages. The major lesson drawn from this book is that as we embrace tech trends, we should not toss aside the beauty that comes with note writing. The author shares how you can fervently write notes and how the habit will help you cultivate new relationships and get you to bond and connect more with people close to you.

Heartspoken: How to Write Notes that Connect, Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire is an easy read which brings about lots of memories and also has lifelong lessons. Apart from learning about the weight of note writing, Elizabeth Cottrell also shares how you can use the art of note writing in your professional life. The author shares tips on how to improve your writing skills and how you can find your own voice through words. These guidelines are useful in your personal life and can help you run your business.

Pages: 218 | ASIN :   B0B57PQ25Z

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