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Dan Ford Author Interview

Quest for the Emerald Crystal follows the Seekers on a quest to uncover the ruins of Atlantis and defeat the dangerous Diana Daggert in a thrilling spiritual journey filled with philosophical discussions. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Past readings of a spiritual nature preceded my writings. Notably, these were the writings of Betty and Stewart Edward White and specifically the book “The Unobstructed Universe.” Adding to that, the stories told by Jane Roberts and specifically the book “Seth Speaks” established my organized spiritual thoughts, more or less permanently. 

For the first seventy-five years of my life, I read many books. Most of the fictional novels were science fiction, and many of my favorites had to do with various “Universes” created by authors such as Frank Herbert, who created the “Dune Universe.

As I jumped into my eighties, I wanted to create a fictional Universe before leaving for my scheduled one. A Questing Universe formed in my mind, and the Quest For The Emerald Crystal books and my website came into being.

What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

All of my characters came into being within my imagination. The characters are creations based on personalities I would like to see in the storyline’s specific roles. I love my protagonists and antagonists equally in my books but tend to root for the nice guys and gals, even though I am often attracted to the not-so-nice ones. But remember, The Questing Universe had been created to serve the highest Spiritual goal, so I am restricted from offering too much favoritism to my naughty but nice characters.  

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I tried to introduce many contrasting spiritual themes that humans must get involved with. But essentially, my compositions are central to those factors that are popular in most fictional books. As in all thrillers, we must have greed, sexual interests, friendship, adversarial relationships, spiritual evolution, battles, love affairs, etc. There are a few ordinary folks like us, but most of my characters are extremely beautiful, handsome, and well-built. Why would we create anything else when the author is the creator and has that opportunity?

What can readers expect in book 2, Spiritual Warriors In Belize?

Like everyone who has been to Belize, any reader will get immersed into the beauty and uniqueness of that tropical country. Our protagonists are there to attempt to thwart the intentions of the antagonists to take over the economy of the world from that and other locations. But what a fantastic place to do this in. I have been to Belize many times and fell in love with it the first time there. So now, just as readers in Book#1 learn a lot about what the Bahamas is like, they will join this venture into Belize and, at the same time, follow the major conflicts that the Spiritual Warriors on both sides of the competition will be involved in.

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This novel begins with an allegorical tale depicting the origin of human-like animals. They evolve from purely instinctual and reactive creatures to becoming individuals who receive a gift of sentience. These animals also absorb an inherent consciousness of individuality that includes using free will when making everyday decisions.
Evolutionary advancements in these animals are created by superior spiritual beings called Zenithians. They are responsible for creating the evolution of all aspects of living beings within the Earthly Realm.
The following chapters of this spiritual thriller novel continues with the adventures of modern-day individuals, eventually called The Seekers. They continue with their evolutionary journey of spiritual exploration, experience, and growth for themselves and each other. Subsequent chapters of this story transport the reader to contemporary times and establish the novel’s plot.
The primary antagonist is a spiritually powerful and wealthy woman named Diana Daggert, who provides the nucleus that pulls all of the primary characters together in a quest to discover the ruins of Atlantis, suspected to be somewhere in the Bahamas. She has a very dangerous hidden agenda that will serve as the conflict between all characters in the novel. Many of our novel’s characters acquire heightened spiritual powers by reading the Akashic Record, traveling within the Spiritual Timeline, and traveling in Out of the Body experiences. The story describes these powers and more in detail.
The storyline takes the reader along on a ride that moves at a moderate pace during the first chapters while new characters are being introduced. The story begins to speed up when friction between the protagonists and antagonists occurs. The novel becomes a thriller towards the end, as an open conflict between Diana and her followers attempts to destroy The Seekers.
This novel is an inspirational thriller for mature readers as it contains relatively complex philosophical discussions on the origin and evolutionary progress of individual souls. There are instances of great violence and disturbing activities. The storyline also describes many of the primary character’s actions, including those of a sexual and social nature.
This novel introduces Quest for the Emerald Crystal-Book #1/Spiritual Warriors in the Bahamas, but plans for a sequel to this novel to occur without leaving the reader to feel that the story was incomplete. The characters remain intact and some are damaged, whereas others are enhanced.

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