Reimagining of Human Experience

Ron Rivers Author Interview

Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis offers a transformative perspective on reality and humanity by combining cosmology, physics, and spiritual wisdom to provide a roadmap for systemic reformation and individual transcendence. Why was this an important book for you to write?

The human species is surrounded by crises and the institutions guiding local and global societies only serve to further our descent. At the same time we’re witnessing a renaissance of coordination mechanisms designed to support more regenerative communities, economies, and ecologies. This reimagining of human experience is occurring in a variety of directions, but lacks a foundation from which to build upon and will ultimately struggle to take form if forced to grow within the confines of hierarchical meaning and value structures. Cosmology and physics have revealed a nature-rooted authority that binds human beings around a single truth, a shared commonality that supports the spiritual renaissance necessary to empower systemic reformation. Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis was an important book to write because it conveys a message that has not been said and does so in a practical framing of spirituality that more fully encompasses human divinity in the moment.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges that humanity faces in achieving transcendence?

Humanity’s biggest challenge is not a specific set of problems, but rather that the vehicles of change available to us resist it by design. This is especially true for the spiritual technologies (religions) that guide our available frameworks of meaning and value. For example, the very notion of ascension into heaven is hierarchical, and spiritual hierarchies pave the wave for mortal hierarchies as evidenced by history and the present. These spiritual philosophies have guided the development of human behavior and systems for millennia, and now the vast majority are left powerless within arrangements that prioritize the few over the majority. They have brought the crises to our doorstep but offer no alternatives. Human transcendence is rooted in our confrontation of dogmas of a past we had no say in choosing, the biggest challenge is if we possess the individual and collective courage to do what must be done.

What were some key ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

Change is the single truth – this is evidenced by our most advanced cosmology and physics, which tells us that we inhabit a reality of continuous (infinite) universes. Nothing has ever not been changing, solidifying the ultimate reality of existence as momentary totalities. All human knowledge, imagination, and system is bound to the single truth. The material nature of the universe exists in perpetual change.

We inhabit a relational universe. All exists in relation to all else within the moment. The human experience is that of the fractional observer within an informational universe. Observers and information are a single happening within the moment.

There are two observable infinities within the universe. The universe itself and human imagination. The alignment of these two represents human divinity within the moment.

We redefine the self to more accurately represent the relationship between the individual and their circumstances within a given moment. Self-actualization refers to the combination of individual and systemic actualization. Individual actualization is the development of the self. “I” Systemic actualization is the development of the collective. “We”

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

It is my hope that readers will take away a profound sense of purpose and urgency towards transforming the human condition. We are more than our circumstances allow us to be, but a greater vision of humanity is both possible and desirable if we are willing to choose. Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis is a public work designed to evolve alongside its community of practitioners. SpiritDAO serves as our non-profit community organization, if the message within the next or this interview resonates with you please visit to learn more.

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New frameworks of meaning and value informed by our most advanced knowledge and theory.
Cosmology and physics have revealed the single truth. It changes everything we think we know about the universe, and demands a reimagination of how we organize our relationships with ourselves and others. Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis binds spiritual renaissance to systemic reformation, which author Ron Rivers argues is necessary for human transcendence.
In Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis, you’ll discover:
What cosmology and physics reveals about the nature of reality and what it means for humanity.
A detailed analysis of the multiple crises humanity struggles to overcome and what we must do to transcend them.
The changing nature of time, single truth, relational universe, and observable infinities.
A redefinition of self as it relates to individual and systemic actualization, including new core values to guide our everyday lives.
The Eight Dignities: A new set of systemic individual rights that align with our personal divinity and further the development of our collective capacity.
Frameworks of philosophy and practice you can embrace immediately to better align yourself with the nature of the universe as we understand it.
If you’ve been searching for an alternative to what is then it’s no surprise you have found yourself here. This text connects the dots between individual, system, and spirit in a way that has never been done before. Providing readers with an expansive vision of what being human can be should we choose to imagine more and the practical steps to begin now.

SelfActualization in the Age of Crisis is a living document intended to evolve alongside its community of practitioners.

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