Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Darkness – Blind Ambitions

In the gripping sequel of The Guardian Tournament, Team Dalton returns to battle against other Guardians for the next part of the competition, all while trying to investigate the larger threat that continues to invade the world they live in. As the group gets closer to discoveries, they also find out a lot of things about each other, and not all of them accept what they find. Cooperation and trust are tested within the group, making the work much harder, and giving the god-like enemy time to prepare to wreak havoc across demons, beasts, darkness, light, and humans. The team must put aside their differences and ready themselves to confront the villain before it is too late.

Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Darkness – Blind Ambitions by K.J. Amidon is another exciting journey that takes us back to our beloved characters from a well-received novel. The sequel brings us to the same place but different time, where we find out what has happened to the characters after the last page of The Guardian Tournament, and what new adventure is in store for them. This does not just include their mission, which gradually gives anticipation and nervousness at the same time, but also their personal relationships with one another and their families. K.J. Amidon continues to give the right amount of world-building to introduce the second book, as well as references from the first book to keep it all accurate and flowing smoothly.

The second novel deserves the same attention as the first, not just because they are connected, but because this one offers another excellent reading experience to fans of the series. Each conversation, thought, and line in the novel contributes to the story it offers, and in the end gives a well-rounded idea about the happenings of the past, present, and even the future. Despite the increase in the number of characters, Amidon makes sure to give each one ample time to be highlighted, so readers can comprehend their personalities and significance in the narrative. Perhaps what stood out to me the most was that, as we get to know the characters more, we can clearly see that they are not all black and white, as they are molded by their personal experiences of triumph and hardship, a humbling thought for all-powerful creatures and humans.

This riveting dark fantasy serves as a great follow-up to its predecessor and opens doors for other adventures in the world. I highly recommend this paranormal adventure to readers who are ready to take on and invest their time in lengthy novels, because the author provides gates to new dimensions (with pun intended) that her fans can venture into.

Pages: 341 | ASIN: B00HR5U5AQ

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