Children Have Math Anxiety

Lisa Konkol Author Interview

“Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers” is a read-aloud rhyming picture book about counting, math, and inclusivity for children. What inspired you to write this book?

I’ve always enjoyed math and spent over 30 years as a technical writer in STEM industries. Recently, I learned that over 50% of children have math anxiety, which often starts in the early years. I wanted all children to love numbers and math.

What are the biggest challenges children face in learning to count?

The concept of amounts is visual, but counting is pure memorization. That is why children need a lot of repetition. “Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers” makes learning entertaining. The children will love the characters and rhyme, which makes memorization easier.

How do you see your book fitting into a parent’s or teacher’s lesson plan?

“Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers” helps visualize the numbers, and the rhyme, colors, and cute characters make the concepts enjoyable. The topic of inclusion and accepting others who don’t always “fit in” is important.   

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

The next picture book in the series is about the addition sign. The addition sign “adds” a lot to the classroom. It will be ready by the end of 2023 or early 2024.

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Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers is a read aloud rhyming picture book about counting, math, and inclusivity for children.

In a schoolhouse far away, magic blew the fields of hay. Mrs. Wiggles stood alone. Long ago, her class had grown. Then one day, she heard a sound—numbers leaping to the ground.

A read-aloud picture book for children about inclusion and starting a fun relationship with numbers to avoid “math stress.”
At an early age, children have big imaginations and embrace new ideas. Mrs. Wiggles is the best way to introduce children to the world of numbers. Magic comes to Mrs. Wiggle’s one-room schoolhouse when the bulletin board of numbers comes alive. Children are delighted by the rhyming story, humor, and bright illustrations. Children will learn the following:Counting. The rhyming text helps with memorization and recognizing numbers.
Numbers are exciting. Each number has its own friendly personality.
A happy class is a diverse, kind, and inclusive group. The numbers are worth more when working together.
Every number has value, and students in a classroom are important. The other numbers help Zero realize his value.
Numbers solve problems.
This book will keep everyone amused with many subtleties for older children and adults. A book that you will enjoy reading to children as they learn to love numbers.

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  1. So very glad you have undertaken this project and I’m sure it will help those children struggling. I always failed or barely passed math. In my late forties I was diagnosed with Dyscalculia. I used to tell everyone I had a brain glitch and just couldn’t understand it – I was constantly accused of just not trying or being lazy. To this day, if confronted with an equation or question concerning anything to do with numbers, I literally break down crying. (And I am not a crier!) it’s a visceral reaction for sure. So, thank you for all those little guys out there struggling. 😊

  2. pbliteraturegmailcom

    Thank you for your kind words, and I’m sorry you had to go through this struggle. It’s a problem for over 50% of the population and usually starts in childhood. You’re not alone!

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