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Michael Zucaro Author Interview

Wave Pulse is full of vivid imagery and sharp observations of life and unique facets of the cosmos.  What inspired you to write and publish this compilation?

Wave Pulse poems were usually based on insights into various strong and/or challenging events during my lifetime.

‘Eye on Love’ poems were reactions to or evaluations of varying love affairs valuing other or only herself.  Some love affairs worked; others didn’t.  Why?  Motivation, values, money or self-concern.  ‘Money Galore’ poems were ironic reactions to corporate strategies.  ‘Art Thrive’ poems are mostly enjoyed reactions to impressive art works viewed at Manhattan museums.  Universe/Multiverse’ and ‘Human Will Universe’ poems were reactions to astronomy readings.  The ‘Wave Pulse’ section poems are in response to impressive revelations like “Hills Waves Grains” and the long-delayed “God thank”. Overall, this section’s poems were based on insights into important events in my life, maybe others’ as well.

My favorite poem from this collection is ‘At the Modern’.  Do you have a poem that stands out to you from this collection?

I too like ‘At the Modern’ about where I often enjoy the displayed art, but often had to avoid other visitors’ boisterous reactions.  ‘Hills Waves Grains’ is quite appealing to me:  it displays events of value.

What poem in the book was the most difficult for you to write?

‘Bang Theory Rag’ began with a quickly-written 8 or so lines, a rapid reaction to an astronomy article by A. Fraknoi in the 1978 ­S. F. Examiner and Chronicle.  This poem’s development took decades to emerge.

Do you have plans to write and publish more works of poetry?

At my age, poems come less frequently and in quite brief expressions.  May other developed poems emerge?  It’s not easy to predict.  A number of short stories have emerged from interesting events over the years, but polishing them still has been resistant.

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Waves are central to our source of energy.

Here’s how waves pulse in most of our lives, if not all.

Wave energizes us to give a body to our ideas that might otherwise fall into waste. Waves are not only for swimming; they’re also for decision making and choosing the most vitalizing directions and strategies. Yet waves can engage us out of isolation, into interaction with others around us. Their choices may help us select better ones for our living. Waves can also be means of advancing other options and social activities. Many join clubs and organizations to hear and see ourselves diving into activities that can benefit our neighbors and friends as well. Hearing their reactions can help us evaluate the benefit of our ideas to those with and around us. Such methods enable us to avoid exaggerating our own desires by building the appeal to people around us.

So let’s dive in.

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  1. Michael Zucaro

    Thank you for your open interview.


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