Room in the Nest

Room in the Nest by Holly Marlow is a beautifully written story about foster care for preschoolers and young elementary-age children. First, Mr. and Mrs. Swan build a giant, comfortable nest with enough room for themselves and anyone needing a safe place to stay. Then, one day, Caring Goose comes by and asks them if they have room to take in Baby Pigeon for a few days while her mom makes her house safe. They, of course, agree to help out. This is the start of the Swan’s ongoing mission to help other little birds that, for one reason or another, need a safe and loving place to stay, no matter if it was a few days or a few years.

Holly Marlow has written a children’s book that explains in child-friendly terms what foster care is and some of the many reasons why children may end up in foster care. This magnificent story shows sensitivity to the topic and complicated feelings surrounding foster care. She explains how the Caring Goose always tries to help the parents out first and give them guidance and that she is not trying to rip families apart but instead shows compassion and works to try and keep families together. Still, sometimes that is not always best for the children.

Room in the Nest is a heartwarming picture book that teaches children about foster care, foster placements, long-term fostering, kinship care, reunification, adoption, and a broad look at family court. This is a beautiful story to share with children that have to go through this process to help ease their fears and for other children to understand what happens if someone they know goes into foster care. This honest and beautiful look at the system is a much-needed resource for families, teachers, social workers, and anyone working with troubled families.

Pages: 25 | ASIN : B0BBBRWLMS

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  1. This delightful little book really ticks all the boxes in the most sensitive way. It is a great resource for parents, teachers and social workers to explain to birth children about fostering or adopting another child.


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